Owning Your Journey

By Josephine Tsekiri

-The Living Woman: Owning Your Journey – 
The heralded first Meeting of the Living Woman held successfully on the 30th of June 2019 at The Lift Hub, 6A Housing Estate Road, opp. First Bank, off Marian Road, Calabar.

The meeting was facilitated by the Coordinator – Linda Ellah – and co-facilitated by one of the participating members. In attendance were women from across the city of Calabar who were helped to understand the benefits and importance of self-growth.

The session was highly informative and participatory; with the women exploring the subject, “Owning Your Journey” under four themes: “Step-up to your personal Growth”, “The three let-downs of Daily Life”, “Examine your Fears”, and “Your Primary Aim”.

Speaking to one of the participants, she noted elatedly that she had learnt the real meaning of growth, and that she must make conscious efforts towards growth as it enhances productivity in all she does.

The Living Woman is an unusual platform for self-development and purpose fulfillment. The benefits of this community of women lies in taking out time to review one’s old beliefs, thinking and ways of doing things.

During her monthly Meeting, situations known to impede growth are explored and tackled. The women go home better reformed, with weekly tasks to guide them through the month.

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