The Living Woman releases her “First Level Program 2019”

-The Living Woman releases her “First Level Program 2019” –
Following the launch of The Living Woman on 28th April 2019, the First Level of the platform’s program has been released. The Living Woman, which is focused on helping women take up their personal dreams and aspirations in life, is here to provide the woman the personal attention she needs to live her mission and purpose.

A cross-section of women during the Public Introductory Meeting and Launch of The Living Woman on 28th April 2019 in Calabar.

Everything begins with the person. When you become better and better, everything you do gets that touch of greatness and excellence. The development of the person is primary to making her life work for her.

In everything you lay your hands on, the most important is first your be-ing, before your do-ing. When you become the person you’re meant to be, then achieving your dreams and goals become possible. So the do-ing becomes easier and lighter because you have first come to the full realization of who you are and who you can become.

This is what we look at and commit to at The Living Woman.

Many women groups focus on the doing and on acquisition of material and social benefits such as status association, money contributions, charity works, social works, clothes, food, home equipments, etc. All so good. However, for once, here is a group that focuses on you, building you to become all you can be and achieve all you set out to achieve.

You have it all in you to become all that you desire. We can see that greatness in you and we desire to help you harness all that lies within you. However, to do this, you need the right environment, the right associations, the right knowledge, the right habits, you need mentoring and the ability to learn to just be that person that you are. The Living Woman creates this environment for you and lets you see the beauty of just being YOU.

There’s a lot more in you to offer to yourself, your family, the society, to your generation  and to coming generations. Every positive change you make in your life today bears fruit in those around you now and into future generations.

So, with this awareness…

The Living Woman is here to help you take those DAILY positive steps towards your greatness and best legacy. Based on this, The Living Woman has released her First Level Program 2019. It is aimed at helping you grow and become a more authentic and higher version of yourself. Everyone, irrespective of age and status, has room for growth!

Monthly Training Sessions: We meet Once a month.
Each meeting is:
Stimulating, Inspiring, Value-packed, Personalized, Practical & Enriching…
Date of Commencement:
Sunday, 30th June 2019
Core Focus: Personal Growth and Fulfillment of Purpose

Program Outline
First Level Program: Finding ME
Slogan: Come Alive, Woman! You are so much more!
Objective: To grow and become a more authentic and higher version of yourself.

Month 1: Owning Your Journey

  • Step-Up to Your Personal Growth
  • The Three Let-downs of Daily Life
  • Examine Your fears
  • Your Primary Aim

Month 2: Loving ME

  • Self-Awareness/Self-Esteem
  • Loving Your Body
  • Befriending Your Inner-Self
  • Unearthing the Hero

Month 3: Mapping a New ME

  • Identifying  Your Dream/Purpose
  • Procrastination
  • Your Time Your Life
  • Success Routines

Month 4: Your Place in Society

  • The Woman’s Roles
  • Cultural Nuances
  • A New Vision for Parenting
  • Home Maker

Intermediary level and Advanced level: from Month 5 to Month 12.

The Living Woman – for Singles
The Living Woman –
Married Ladies
(separate meetings)  

Physical meetings (Calabar) and
Online (Ladies outside Calabar)

Annual Registration: Covers Month 1 to 12
Full Payment: N35,000;
Two Installments of 20,000 each: N40,000
Three Installments of 15,000 each:
Online Membership: N25,000
(for Ladies outside Calabar)

TLW Programs include:
First Level; Intermediary Level; & Advanced Level
To Register – Call/Whatsapp Linda: 0814 6779 226; 0812 606 1888; Email:;
Twitter: @TheLivingWoman; 
Facebook: The Living Woman.

Kindly share widely. Thanks!   

“It takes courage to grow and become
who you really are!” – E.E. Cummings        

Linda Asimole Ellah
The Living Woman

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