Volunteerism – A Tool for Your Growth

-Volunteerism – A Tool for Your Growth –
How you use your time determines if you will stand out and make great strides. As a productive way of engaging yourself, you can volunteer with business organizations and/or non-profit organizations. This opens you up and helps you know yourself better and know your strengths as well.

Volunteerism is an opportunity you give yourself to step into new territories and learn new things. It is also a way of giving back to society selflessly. Be sure to volunteer with groups that connect with your personal strengths and areas of passion and interest.

Your time is your life, and your life is your time. How you spend your time each day compounds into who you are, and who you are becoming. Moment by moment, you are creating your own life. You are responsible for all that’s happening in your life right now. So be responsible for how it’s unfolding.

What you think about produces the outcomes in your life. What you think about comes from what you feed your senses with. Fill your eyes and ears with positive things, and intentionally decide to make good use of your time always.

Read good books for your personal growth and learn from everyone and everything. As you develop the habit of reading, again, volunteerism is the way to go. It opens you up to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new places, new people, innovations creativity and new opportunities.

Take it each time with commitment and dedication. Do not volunteer with a group half-heartedly. Why volunteer with a group that you are not willing to promote on your social media handles? If you have certain reservations about the company or organization, then don’t volunteer with them. In all, keep in mind that every opportunity you are given prepares you for your own future achievement.

Tips on Being an Ideal Volunteer

  1. Your Interest: Be sure to volunteer with a cause that you are truly passionate about and honestly interested in, and not for some other undue motives.
  2. Be creative: Find creative ways to do the things you are assigned to do.
  3. Take initiative: See ahead what needs to be done and see how best to get it rolling.
  4. Promote the cause: If you have volunteered with a group, then be ready to promote the cause on every social media and at any opportunity possible.
  5. Take up new challenges: Challenge yourself to try something new so that you can learn and grow your skills, and improve yourself.
  6. Stick with your areas of strength: As you engage your areas of strength, you get better and best at it. If there are other areas of interest, you can also take the challenge and see how you can improve yourself, but do not force it.
  7. Learn to be a great team player: Do your part and work for the common good. Take up agreed decisions and execute it to the best of your ability.
  8. Appreciate the opportunity: If you get an incentive for your job, appreciate it and avoid complaining. You are there to learn, and to serve. You are not there to get a remuneration.
  9. Respect confidentialities and uphold positive values: If there are personal things you get to know in the course of your period of volunteerism, then respect personal stuff. This does not mean that you keep silent about social ills. Have values you cherish and live by.
  10. Maintain good inter-personal relations: These relationships may likely contribute to your success at some point in your future endeavours.

Linda Asimole Ellah
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