The Living Woman Holds Public Introductory Meeting

The Living Woman Holds Public Introductory Meeting

The Living Woman, “a space for high-achieving women”, held its public introductory meeting and launch in Calabar, Cross River State, yesterday.

The event which was mainly interactive, featured creative activities, music, “Spoken Word”, poetry competition and talks, all in a convivial atmosphere.

In her talk on “Linking Growth to Purpose”, Mrs Linda Ellah, initiator and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Living Woman said: “Everyone has room for growth…. The essence of growth is to become that person who can move from where you are to where you want to be.”

Mrs Linda Ellah, Chief Executive Officer of The Living Woman, addressing participants at the launch of the platform.

Therefore, she explained that The Living Woman seeks to help women to actively work at becoming better persons on all levels in order to make their lives and relationships with others more productive, fulfilling and meaningful.

Mrs Ellah said: “You came into this beautiful earth for a reason, and to fulfil a purpose. Find that purpose within you and let the fire of its fulfilment burn from within you.”

She enjoined women to keep open minds towards life and to take up new challenges that encourage learning and growth. According to her, The Living Woman is a platform for development.

Similarly, Mrs Obla Ajigo delivered a presentation on “Why The Living Woman” and explained that:

Mrs Obla Ajigo, presenting a paper on “Why The Living Woman”.

“A woman can achieve a lot more in life besides being a wife and taking care of her home. She has her personal dreams and aspirations and these are often left behind amidst family cares and responsibilities.
“The Living Woman is here to help provide the practical support you need so you do not have to leave your dreams behind or simply swim along with the expectations of culture and society. You are an individual with a mission which you need to fulfil in life.”

Mrs Ajigo further explained that The Living Woman is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as a group that “plays the role of a support group where women learn to be themselves and have a safe ground to find and embrace their purpose as they continue to grow on the path of personal growth…. It gives them a platform to focus on their individual personal growth and to rub minds with other growth-oriented and successful women of like minds.”  

She listed equality, growth, inner freedom, service and being extraordinary as the values of The Living Woman and added that the principles of the platform are simplicity, humility, joy, focus, commitment and action.

A cross-section of participants at the launch of The Living Woman.

Consequently, Mrs Stella Ogar, a participant at the launch and Chief Executive Officer of SOLSA, a Non-Governmental Organization, described herself as “a living woman”. She said: “What Linda is telling us here is that ‘woman, stop being emotional or stop being over emotional’. The day I drew a line between being emotional and being factual, I discovered who I was. I was no longer a crying girl or expecting everything from one man. The man needs help. I need help. I recognize his leadership. But I need help and so today I am who I am but yet with a leader leading the troupe. Woman, find your niche.”

In a similar vein, Mrs Edang Ekpo-Bassey, a participant at the launch, said that The Living Woman “shall not be encouraging a stereotypical submissive image.” She commended the vision of the platform and said: “In everything you are doing, know that you have great potentials. ‘Start small, grow big’ should be a motto you use in every perspective of your life.”

Also, Mrs Mwikali Nzioka, a Kenyan born resident of Calabar who described herself as “a Cross Riverian” said:

“When Linda shared this vision, I supported her totally. Most women would get married, get children, take care of their homes, take care of their children and somewhere down the road they would end up forgetting who they are and end up forgetting themselves. I think that’s why Linda started this so that what God has deposited in each one of us or inside of us would be able to come out. Each one of us, we all have something. And that’s what Linda is passionate about.”

Participants at yesterday’s launch of The Living Woman included married couples mostly.

The “First Level Program 2019 of The Living Woman can be found here.

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