Iwara Iwara Inspires Students of Journalism

“We are going to take a very small exercise. Bring out a piece of paper and a pen. Let us do a word drill. We are going to spell a few words in this class. Words that you use on a daily basis.
Are you ready? Okay.

“Spell the word questionnaire. Spell the word pneumonia. Spell tomorrow. Spell embarrass. Spell sovereign. Spell accommodation. Spell diaphragm. Spell knapsack. Spell maneuver….

“If you look at those words very well, those are words that we use on a daily basis. But because we are mostly very careless, we do not pay attention to details. 
As a Journalist writing news, one of the things that you must consider is accuracy of the facts that you are putting out.
Accuracy also means that the words you spell must be spelled correctly. The words you use must be used correctly….”

That’s how Iwara Iwara began his presentation when I invited him to speak with 300 level students of Mass Communication in Cross River University of Technology. I teach them Advanced Writing For The Mass Media and felt obliged to offer them more than routine teaching. 
As Presenter of “The Public View” on HIT 95.9 FM Calabar and owner of www.calitown.com, Iwara’s presence in class perfectly served that need of stepping beyond the usual everyday teaching.

To me, teaching shouldn’t be monotonous. Learning shouldn’t be boring, either.
Thankfully, my students paid rapt attention to Iwara throughout that lecture and gave him a resounding ovation at the end of the lecture. 
Hopefully, that’s how others would be paying rapt attention to the writings and presentations of these students when they graduate and start practicing journalism.

With God on my side and with the help of my good friends such as Iwara U. Iwara, I hope to keep inspiring my students to aim for excellence in journalism and in whatever they would choose to do in life.
That’s why I teach.

Cornelius Ellah
Twitter: @lin_cornellah
Facebook: Cornelius Ellah

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