Give & Take for a Better World – “Balance for Better” (Part 3)

Give and Take for a Better World – “Balance for Better” (Part 3) –
The Part 2 of this article tickled our minds on some realities around and within our families. We looked at little practical steps and actions that would help us become what we preach and what we desire for our world.

This third part goes a step further into some ideas of how society can contribute to the gender balance that we so desire in order to give everyone a voice and a fair and equal opportunity. Even in the society, for balance to exist, there has to be a give and take in various aspects of our communal and professional life.

We look at education, career progression, pay gap and finally, how the woman can help herself see the opportunities around her and step forward for them.

You may read Part 1 here.

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Career Growth

Even the educated females are not expected to be ambitious. That is for the boys. For the male, he is expected to go as far as he can to get what he wants. While for the female, she thinks twice before she can leave the home and go explore opportunities for greater knowledge and experience out there. Her career growth, development and advancement are compromised.

We do agree that someone has to be home to take care of kids and family, however, her personal and career growth and development mustn’t be stunted, blocked and entirely forgotten. When this is kept in mind, there is always a way to get things also working for her.

Let’s remember that all human beings have equal right and equal dignity. She is no less than anybody or any male just because she is female. As a female or male, you give and take so that you are not left behind.

Human Resource persons who do recruitments can testify to the fact that when you need a certain level of work experience and expertise, females are often missing. Hence, some organizations specifically encourage female applicants. Even then, they do not plan to compromise some level of qualification and competence. However, at least there is an effort to look at the candidates and see where a female can equally get the job done in practice.

Employers, supervisors, managers, directors and management would do well to identify issues as they relate to gender balance and equity within their work spaces.

Women have today become providers in the home and so they can no longer be held back from exploring business, career and field opportunities that places them at higher levels of achievement. There contributions are greatly needed too for nation building.

Employment Balance and Wage Gap

Our work places need more inclusion and integration of gender-related needs. Everyone has something to offer hence neglecting gender concerns as they touch both females and males even touches on the bottom line and has its effect on the company’s productivity and profits. In line with this, there is need to bridge the gender pay gap, wherever they exist. This needs to be a decision made consciously or with much thought and attention.

Isn’t it interesting that for a similar position, a male recruit could get a higher pay than a female recruit even where her qualifications are similar or even higher than that of her male counterpart. If this isn’t the case in your company or organization, then that’s great! Such discrimination cannot be if we are to keep working towards keeping the balance for a better world.

Besides prejudices, stereotypes and gender discrimination as causes for such occurrences, it could also include the belief that women belong to the kitchen. No, today’s women equally belongs to the board rooms.

There is need to close the wage gap and the workforce participation gap between women and men. Like Lewis Schwellenbach, Secretary of labour after World War II said:

“There’s no sex difference in the food she buys or the rent she pays, there should be none in her pay envelope.”

Become a Woman of Great Confidence and Influence

As a woman, you can develop your self-confidence and engage generously in your personal growth daily. You need to daily prepare yourself towards that person you can become. If you value yourself, then you will invest in yourself and keep investing in yourself. Have the right mindset about yourself and your place in the world.

Stay true and positively aggressive (passionate, enthusiastic) about your place in the world. Find that right place and begin working towards your dreams. Let no one talk you down on whatever you desire to become and achieve. Always remember that you deserve all that you ever dream and desire for your life.  

As you grow and learn to work in the direction of your vision and dreams, you will become a woman of influence. Even in circumstances where no one hands you your right to contribute, to be heard or no one gives you your place as an equal, you need to step out, step up and take your rightful space and place. By so doing, you are not waiting or hoping for opportunity or luck.

You create your own opportunity, and remember that luck only finds a prepared person. Begin to prepare yourself daily for the things you want out of your life.

Just be and follow your inner promptings. When you learn to follow your true inner guidance, you never go wrong. Fearless women are becoming entrepreneurs. What is it you desire to achieve? So why are you holding yourself back?

In your mind, have a very high image of yourself and what you can indeed become. Hold on to that image and believe it. As you do, you will be led towards it. Of course your daily habits will determine whether you get there or not.

And teach others how you want to be treated.

Always remember that you deserve all that you ever dream and desire for your life.

For the purpose of positive influence and as a give back to society, every woman who has achieved something needs to be mentoring a younger person or younger woman. This passing on of the baton is very important and can go a long way in a person’s life and hence, influence generations.

This is sometimes lacking and younger women remain without someone who helps them look at the path they are treading or desire to tread. Be a mentor to someone today!

Embrace Feminine Qualities

Have you ever come across the idea that there is a ying and yang (male and female) every human person? Explore this and read more about it. In the spirit of balance, what we generally see as “feminine qualities” can be practiced by both males and females. So long as it is a good quality, virtue or habit, it certainly makes you a better and more balanced person, be you female or male.

Therefore, “Think Balance!”

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  • Linda Asimole Ellah

Linda A. Ellah is passionate about gender issues and shares her thoughts towards a better world. She is Founder and Coordinator of The Living Woman, a platform for women to focus on their personal growth towards fulfilling their purpose as they engage intentionally in their own growth journey daily. You can reach her on (+234 814 6779 226).

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