Grades Only Matter in School

-Grades Only Matter in School-
 “The reason I know so much is because I have made so many mistakes.” – R. Buckminster Fuller-

Looking back with hindsight, I can’t believe how we believed the lie that if we can get good grades we are going to succeed in life. I can remember people who were termed unintelligent feeling that they will never amount to anything in life. School, rather than make us, took something away from us, including any little esteem we had.

How can a mere number of a piece of paper determine how my life turns out? Are we not worth more than the ink and the paper? You must understand that in school you don’t really get educated. We are indoctrinated. That’s what happens.

Good grades in school may get you a good paying job but on its own will never make you rich and successful. Grade, after all, is only useful in school not for the world. If you want to be rich forget the fact that you got good grades. many parents who got good grades in school are broke today. The bank doesn’t consider your grade, so also the marketplace. They want to know if you can get the job done.

I searched and studied to know what the secret of becoming rich was. All I was told was to get good grades. I tried studying but in my heart, I knew that some people who are rich are a drop out of school and some of them don’t have good grades while in school. I found out that in most cases it is those who never had good grades in school that employees those who have. In school, you need grades to be termed successful but in the world, you need to use your mind.

Most of the things you need in real life are never taught in school. I studied engineering, but no one ever taught me the kind of skills I would need to become a successful engineer. Most of the people who became great in their fields were never A students but they became A people in real life.

In real life, what really matters is what you know and what you do with it. The bridge between what you know and what you do with it is your ability to think. I failed a particular course twice because I decided to think. The school does not want you to think. You are just to be a moron who accepts everything that you are fed with.

When I got out of school, I tried applying what I was taught without refining it through thinking, and I failed. I just kept failing. Thank God I was no longer in school then. Life teaches you lessons through failure while school condemns you when you fail.

Why do we belabor ourselves over something that does not really matter after you graduate? This is because our teachers don’t allow us to see the big picture. We only see where we are. Since I graduated, I haven’t used my certificate. I don’t even know where it is. Life has never demanded a certificate from me nor asked what my grades were in school.

Failing has taught me a lot of lessons. In life, you become successful by continually failing. Failing means you are making progress and doing new things. To increase the speed of success in your life, you have to increase your rate of failure. Success in school, on the other hand, means doing better than everyone but in life, it means doing things for others, who may even be better than you.

If you want to be rich, don’t bother about the grades. Focus on expanding your capacity and changing the context of your mind. In life, the person who is able to change her mind fast will be the one who succeeds fast. Try that in school and you will be failed.

You don’t break rules in school because you are expected to have a fixed mindset. If you don’t break rules in life, you will not be successful. I chose to break rules since no one will grade me. Only that way will you truly live, become all you can be and unleash your potential. That is significant living.

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