Poem: Ringing the Finger

Poem: Ringing the Finger

Ringing the Finger
Different people have different beliefs and practices around ring wearing. Some people will tell you that even some married men (and women) do not wear rings. Some remove it intentionally when they go out or to certain places, yeah, for whatever reasons.
Some people believe that wearing a ring does not save the ring wearer from possible harassment. You can still face sexual harassment even when you have a ring on. Nonetheless there are times when it just speaks for itself so the individuals already know what they are up to or up against. On the other hand, some married persons have their rings on their fingers 24/7. They are just used to wearing it. Some person will tell you that they feel naked when they don’t have their rings on their finger.

Here comes the POEM:
He looks right, he looks left
and off it slips
so his vow goes to sleep
The ladies hover and clamour
but he knows he need not this glamour
What were you thinking slipping that ring out?
with madam home sweating and keeping things right?

Oh Ring slipper, choose this day what you desire
lest the girls make a mess of your fire.

Ring, Ring, must I wear you?
My fingers so thin
No ring fits in
I throw my palm into the air
off the ring goes flying like a bird
Oh my tiny fingers,
tiny as the sub-branches of a simple tree
Craftman, mould a ring so my palm can swing free

I’m no fan of rings
but my vow to love him forever feels great
so I wear a sign of the fate
Fat fingers glory in their blings
I know no such glory in terms of rings

My ring saves me long talks
Cos it cuts the toasting talks short
From a distance he wanted me so
but as I came close he figured, “No”
“She is a no go”
She has a ring and with honourable carriage
She no go gree to my ringless baggage
Make I respect myself
before she turn my runs to ringworm.

Linda Ellah
Twitter: @Lin_cornellah
Facebook: Lincornellah

Linda Ellah is an author, blogger, poet, development enthusiast and a champion for Women and Girls.
You can reach her through: lindasimole@gmail.com; Whatsapp: +234 814 6779 226

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