Poor People With Money is a Disaster

-Poor People With Money is a Disaster-
When Efe won the BBnaija show coveted prize, everyone wished that they were the ones who won. Unfortunately, Efe was just a poor guy who got lucky. Of course, he put in a lot of effort but he got money that he had no capacity to handle. He had great ideas and dreams of what to do with the money before he won it. But after he did, the money took control of him and he became a prodigal winner.

Today, a year after winning N25 million naira, Efe confessed that he only had N75,000 left in his bank account. He added that it was N100,000 but he used N25,000 out of it to visit a less expensive bar to chill with his guys. That really shows you how he spent all that money. Having money doesn’t mean you are rich; thinking rich makes you rich. You become what you think about.

There is no one who doesn’t know what they will do with millions of naira if given to them, but the truth is that when that money enters their hands, all those ideas will vaporize into thin air. A poor man can never handle money that is greater than his capacity. Efe has helped us prove that you can never handle money that is above your capacity.

There are a lot of poor people with money around us, many of them are salary earners. That you earn a large amount of money as salary does not mean you are rich. Your capacity determines whether you are rich or not. And your capacity is based on your mindset. If you really want to be rich, stop dreaming about getting millions of naira and start using the little money you have to increase your capacity.

My first salary as a graduate was N500 and I was the manager of the outfit. There was a guy who had no degree working there who got 14 times more of what I was earning. Rather than go on strike over that, I asked what that guy was doing to earn that amount that I wasn’t doing. It meant that he was 14 times more valuable to our employer than me and my degree notwithstanding.

It was then I knew that I was really cheated in school. How can I with my degree be less valuable than someone who had no degree? It’s just not fair, but it’s right. What I discovered was that the guy had more capability than I had. He brought more value to the company than I did. I was glad that I started at that low salary. From then on, I used what I earned after tithing to buy books so as to increase my capacity.

Not up to 6 years after that, I was earning 7 figure income because now my capacity had grown to produce value that will earn me that income. That’s what I learned that Efe and many others like him don’t really get. If you get money that is higher than your capacity, it will control you. It’s better to start small and grow your capacity than start big and crash.

Today, I am paid for the value I create. I continually increase my capacity to create value and to handle the money that the value I created brings. It’s hard or almost impossible to grow money that is above your capacity. That’s why young graduates between the age of 20-30 years are advised to work to learn rather than work to earn.

Whatever you take time to learn at this age will build your capacity that will sustain you through life.

Money is the consequence of value. If you don’t want to be like Efe, then stop praying and wishing for easy money. Easy come easy go. But whatever you get by working hard on yourself, you will keep, grow and sustain. Focus on building, growing and expanding your capacity and increasing your capability and you will earn money that is beyond your wildest dream.

If I were in Efe’s shoes, what would I have done? The first thing I would have done would have been to stay away from my friends. Then secondly I would put N20 million in a fixed account that I can only access in 6 to 12 months. Then I would use the N5 million to buy personal growth, money and wealth creation books and audio programs. Then I would lock myself indoors and read and listen to them for 6 months until my mind stops conforming to poverty and is transforming to think like a rich person. Only then will I access the money. Then I would know what to do with it. I did exactly that.

Unfortunately, Efe will not change his old friends and do what I advise when he came into money. So also, most of you reading this. A poor man with money will always go into prodigal living. Build your capacity and you will handle any amount of money that comes to you.

  • Oladimeji Olutimehin

Dimeji is the CEO of 1st Millionaire Maker Nig Ltd. If you are interested in building your capacity to earn more money and grow that money, then: Call/WhatsApp +2348146779226 to discuss your needs.

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