Father, a poem by Agorye Julie-ann

FATHER, a poem by Agorye Julie-ann
He loves me, my first love
He prays for me, I’m his lucky charm
He pays the bills, I’m his piggy bank
He scolds the erring me, I’ll save his values
Times may differ, hardship may knock
His heart may be broken, his trust gone
Limbs may weaken, senility may threaten
But his love for me stands unwavering
Life gave me the best gift, gift of a man
At my back to push me, my front to cheer me
At my side to support me, at the top to lead me
He is the crown that fits perfectly on my head
He brought me the beauty who became “mum”
My first lessons he taught firmly with love
I will never forget the tears he shed, the sacrifices
I love my father “no be for mouth”
By Agorye Julie-ann
Feature Image: Agorye Julie-ann (Facebook)

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