Disrupting Your Job Description

Disrupting Your Job Description
Working within your job description will not make you any different from other employees. Most employees constrain themselves to work within their job description.

Job description only workers are many in supply. Whereas there is no traffic jam on the extra mile. If you want to be an exceptional employee, train yourself to go beyond your job description and so much more than is expected of you.

That means you have to change your mindset from that of a hired hand to that of a partner or even the owner of the company where you work. This is not about doing more than you are paid, it is about changing your role in the company from an employee to that of an entrepreneur.

We call people with such a mindset, Emplopreneurs. They are employees who think and act like they own the company where they work. They are responsible for the well-being of the organization. Are you like that?

Being an entrepreneur or owner of a company is a mindset and anyone can take on that kind of mindset. If you handle the company like it is yours, you will be developing yourself. When you think and behave like an owner, you will eventually produce the results owners produce and of course earn the income that only an owner can earn.

There are employees whose income is greater than that of some of the directors in the company. That is because they see themselves not as employees. They are not defined by their titles. They go beyond their job description by being an open resource for others in the company who could benefit from their skills and wisdom.

Employees who think and act like owners don’t focus solely on getting the job done—they take an interest in really understanding how the company functions. They have a holistic view of the company and know how the business works and what needs to be done to get the results that are desired.

If you want to be such an employee, you have to be totally invested in the destiny of the company. Your interest in the company should be more than just what you are earning, but what you can give to the company to make it better and valuable. Your employer should be able to point out that they became better because of your presence and input into the business.

If you are working on your job description, you won’t be invested in the future of the company. Such employees don’t even care if the business doesn’t make a profit as long as they received their salary. They will not be bothered about adding more responsibility to what they are already doing.

Employees who do not care how the business they work at operates and turns out will hardly sustain a business of their own. This is because they are going to approach their business the same way they approached another person’s business.

And when you give your word to do a task you have to make sure you do it on time. As an owner, you have to do it as if it is yours. And when you see anything that will affect the profitability of the company, you can quickly act on it and not wait for whose responsibility it is to get it done.

Job descriptions have limited a lot of employees from being audacious, adventurous and creative. To unleash your potential, you must see yourself as the owner thereby going beyond your job description.

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