Only Fools Marry for Love

– Only Fools Marry for Love –
If marriage were an end in itself, then it would be right to marry for love. But it’s a means to an end. The end is the fulfillment of purpose. Fools see marriage as an end while wise people see it as a means of making impact and living a fulfilling life on earth.

Only fools marry for love, the wise marry for purpose and impact.

We are appalled by the number of people who get into marriages simply because they love someone. The truth is that anyone you stay with for long, you will end up falling in love with, even in simple friendships. Love blinds us to a lot of things about the person. What we most times call love is just a feeling of desire to be around that person.

When the person is hurt, this love can easily change to hate. That has happened in many relationships. The wedding was done with much pomp and the first few days of marriage were heaven on earth until they come to earth. Since the purpose of the marriage is not known, abuse of each other becomes inevitable.

We created a program for couples, we called Marriage By Design. Our goal is to help couples focus on the purpose of marriage so they can find fulfillment in it. It’s a three-month program that prepares couples to become a team and find fulfillment in what they do.

– See Value in Yourself –
Love makes couples depend on each other. People who marry for love are most times insecure with low self-esteem. But people who focus on purpose see value in themselves.

To pursue your purpose, you have to feel secure in yourself and not be dependent on anyone but instead be interdependent.

When you depend on each other emotionally and financially, you will not see value in yourself, and as such you will not bring value to your relationship.

A healthy relationship that we help people design is one in which each party contributes value to it. You must see value in yourself to add value to your spouse.

This is why when couples marry because of purpose, they produce value that will take care of their kids’ education. But when they marry for love, both of them will be frustrated yet hide it from each other. Love allows for pretense. Love always create dependence while the other takes responsibility for everything, the other just relax.

– Grow Together –
It is said that couples who pray together stay together, but that’s just a myth. A lot of couples who pray together have ended up fighting each other after the prayers. Prayer will never help people who have low self-esteem and are immature to stay together. Only couples who grow together stay together and remain partners.

Through our program, Marriage by Design, we guide couples to have a growth plan for each other. When couples grow together, they become valuable to each other. The more they grow, the more value they can create. Except you are growing together, you will lose sight of the purpose that brought you together in the first place.

There are a lot of distractions in marriage most especially when the children begin to come in. But if you commit to the growth plan we guide you to develop, you will stay focused on your purpose. The more you grow, the more you can do and achieve. Couples who are growing become responsible.

– Raise Leaders –
Marriage that is based on love brings forth children with no plan on how to raise them. But marriages designed for purpose is highly intentional about how to turn the kids into leaders who make things happen, are secured with good self-esteem and are mentally and emotionally independent of others.

Parents who are secure and growing will raise secure and growing kids. Children become like their parents because they take time to study their parents. Purpose makes them intentional in how they raise children.

In our Marriage by Design program, we work with parents to design a system where they will help them train their children to be financially independent and to learn what it takes to work and earn their keep. This builds the self-confidence of children. You should be part of this!

– Make Impact –
Marriage is for Impact. Until you make impact you will never find fulfillment in your marriage. Marriage, to many people, is nothing more than having children and becoming a grandparent. But it’s more than that. It’s for the transformation of society.

Marriage should be designed to solve and tackle a particular problem that society is going through. People who marry for love, focus on themselves and what they can get but people whose marriage is based on purpose focus on solving a particular problem in society.

Making a difference together as a couple is what impact is. That brings fulfillment to them.

Don’t marry the person you love, rather marry someone you can be a partner with to achieve purpose.

Only fools marry for love, the wise marry for purpose and impact.

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