Connecting to Your Best Self

-Connecting to Your Best Self-
What do you do daily to connect and reach out to that best in you?

Do you live it to chance? Like, “No how, no how, my life go better” because “God dey”. “It must better!” (Nigerian pidgin English expressions). Really? You think so? And when Nigerians add those magical words, “…in Jesus name!” you can be sure it is done, even if they actually do nothing about it. Just sit and fold your arms and there, everything will come at your feet. Really?

Certainly, there is a place of faith in our lives. There is a divine power that makes things be. However, are you aware that there are very many persons around you who kept telling themselves the above statements and before they realized it, they became old, cranky and full of regrets? Ok, no. You think your case will be better than that. That means, just like those people, you too are living the best of yourself, the best of your life to chance, to circumstance and to some fate, some miracle that someone will work for you.

Connecting to your best self will help you create those miracles in your own life. Miracles will be for another piece. We can indeed create lots of miracles in our own lives.

Nonetheless, you need to know that connecting to your best self, shaping yourself into your destiny and actually fulfilling it is something that is so within your power. Yes, your own power. Leave God alone; stop passing your responsibilities to God. God does so much for you and I, every single split second. God surrounds us with unconditional love and is there to provide all you need.

In fact, all you will ever need is already provided. It is you who miss out on it all by directing your focus to things that do not help you bring out the best in you. When you and I do things that contradict our purpose in life, do we get a divine hand slap us on the face? No. Yet the divine is always there, at our beck-and-call, ready to faithfully keep us within God’s love.

This also points to you that the role of your own commitment and your life work cannot be taken over by the God you call on and shout upon daily. I believe in a God whose commitment to your greater good goes beyond everything you will ever do or don’t do, yet within that, God does not take away your power of choice, to choose to grow and improve yourself EVERYDAY.

Today, make a commitment to begin connecting and growing the best in you. Be intentional about this.

Action Points:

  1. Sit down in some quietness today. Imagine/visualize what that best self looks like. Imagine those big dreams and see your big vision become real in your mind. Don’t allow your thoughts get limited. Dream wide and think big!
  2. Write down a description of what you have visualized.
  3. Decide on when you want this vision or picture of you to happen – By which month? By which year?
  4. Write down what it will take to achieve this. Here, do not think about limitations you think you have. Just put down what you believe you need to do to achieve this.
  5. Now break down the above into Action Steps that you will begin to take DAILY beginning from today. The further you postpone, the further you push what could be an achievement of your life’s purpose.
  6. Start to take the daily steps today, not tomorrow. Commit to it. Identify habits and associations that will not help carry out your daily steps. People you call your friends who would not help you achieve what you want are associations to be discarded or minimized. Also review your use of time and see if it helps you take these daily steps or not.
  7. Become a reader. Read a book (even a page daily will do, to begin with) daily, take courses and programs in the area of your personal growth. And identify mentors to support your journey. Your wrong associations are filling in the space of good mentors. So, identify persons who have gone through the journey you are embarking on and begin to learn from them and grow. Your mentors could be specific authors. Get to study their life, read and study their teachings
  8. Do this and your best self will indeed begin to emerge.

Linda Ellah
Twitter: Lin_cornellah
Facebook: Lincornellah

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