The Disciplined Shall Inherit the Earth

The Disciplined Shall Inherit the Earth
“Self-Discipline makes it possible to turn on more willpower and keep on going when the road is hard, and failure seems just around the corner.” – Napoleon Hill

When I started my first business a few years back, I thought that everything was going to pan out well. Unfortunately, my only strategy to grow my business was positive thinking. Another word for positive thinking is hope. Hope has never been a good business strategy. Fortunately for me, that business failed faster than I expected it.

This made me study the Nigerian business landscape. We have young and old people starting businesses, but almost all the business dies and those that remain, are glorified jobs rather than big business.

One business that made it big was HiTV. We all patronized them and celebrated them. Yet. Yet, they went down the drain like many. That’s when I realized that businesses don’t fail in Nigeria for lack of opportunities but they do for lack of discipline.

Indiscipline has destroyed more businesses in Nigeria than the economy. If the employees are not discipline, then the problem lies with the founders and management.

Discipline makes a team formidable and able to scale whatever hurdle they come across. What binds a team together to win at all cost is discipline. If the owners of a business will not suffer the pain of discipline, surely they will suffer the pain of a failed business.

You can do great things when you build discipline in your business. George Washington said, “Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”

There are a number of disciplines, every business needs to have to stay afloat.

  1. The Discipline of Execution

It takes a great discipline to plan and to commit to the plan by executing it. I will say that most businesses in Nigeria don’t have strategic plans and the few that have are not committed to executing the plan. The plan is the trophy.

Plans don’t turn themselves into reality; people do. This I believe is the reason why most businesses started by Nigerians are connected one way or the other to the government than to the mass. A business can only be scaled when it executes that serves the people.

2. The Discipline of Growth

A business can only grow to the extent that the people grow. Learning new skills to deliver on the job is not growth, its increasing capability, and competence. These are good, but without a third C, capacity, the business will not grow.

When you expand your mind, your capacity grows. Growth in capacity means the teams will be able to come up with more ideas and do more than they can do.

Growth is a discipline that every organization should invest in. The only guarantee that a business will be available tomorrow and making an impact is that the people working within the organization grow today.

3. The Discipline of Values

The values of an organization are the soul of that business. It’s the culture that guides how people behave and act within the business. Most businesses in Nigeria know next to nothing about culture.

And those organizations who have cultures, making it a decoration and not part of what they do daily. It takes discipline to turn those words into behaviors that everyone follows within an organization. The value of an organization should control recruitment and guide in promotion for a business to stay afloat.

4. The Discipline of Why

When a business only exists to make money, then you have a business that will not be in existence when there is no money to be made. Once there is no more, no one will put in the effort to do anything.

Every business exists for a reason. The reason can be to solve a particular problem for people or make life better for them. The reason why a business exists is the spirit of that business; its the businesses life-line. Making money is the consequence of living its purpose.

The business that inherits the earth is the one that is disciplined towards the purpose of their existence.

5. The Discipline of Saving

In Nigeria, we have this unwritten rule of partying, or the owanbe spirit. Once money comes in, everyone expects us to demonstrate that we are rich. That way the society receives and honors us. Our cultures are poverty inclined and not savings inclined.

Instead of a business saving part of its income for use in the future, everything is spent to whet the ego of management. When spendings get out of hand, salaries and vendors become difficult to be paid. Spiraling expenses bankrupt the business.

The business that will inherit the earth in Nigeria has to be discipline with money and have the behavior of a startup. No matter how much money they have coming in, there must be a percentage that is constantly being saved. That way the future growth of the company is guaranteed. We will build disciplined businesses that will inherit the earth in Nigeria. Contact us @ +2349170612727.

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