Taking Out the Seriousness from Living

Taking Out the Seriousness from Living
You may have heard this, “Life is already hard enough, why make it harder”. But is life really hard? However, I am beginning to learn one thing. Any way or any how you view life or think of life has everything to do with what’s going on right there in your mind. It took me time to believe this too. But I got to see that when I change my way of thinking about life, everything around me also starts changing.

It’s awesome when you first have this experience. On the other hand, when you have not yet had this experience, you may not even believe or agree with what I point to here. Yes, your thinking ties in here because it is you who can take the seriousness out of living.

What does this really mean? It means that you can alter your ways of thinking, grow in the area of your self-consciousness, see your personal possibilities and great potentials, and see your entire life as a blessing, so:

  • That you can live life with a lighter heart
  • You will be more appreciative of the beauties, great things and great people in your life
  • You can look beyond what others choose to do or say
  • You can more readily forgive wrongs
  • You can afford to look at the positive side of everything and every person
  • You can have more frequent outbursts of smiles, laughter and heartfelt joy
  • You are able to avoid things or people that prompt/provoke negativity in you
  • You have far less need to blame, to give excuses or to complain about the things and people that come your way
  • You actually take responsibility for your happiness and peace because both are really an inside job.
  • You also begin to see that judging others only bring you more heaviness of heart because it leaves you focusing on that part of you which you are not yet in full accord with.

This path of taking the seriousness out of life is a journey you can take. It will help you become a happier and peaceful person, and someone who is  in harmony with the universe.

Linda Ellah
Twitter: @lin_cornellah
Facebook: Lincornellah


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