Dear World, Listen!

Dear World, Listen!
Often times don’t you wonder how nicely everything would have been if the society didn’t dictate
the roles we play? Well, I do wonder.

When girls who are rape victims don’t get to be asked questions like…
What were you wearing?
Why were you sitting close to boys?
What were you doing at 9pm outside?

I wish for Africa where good wives won’t be judged by cooking skills.
Where women don’t have to extra stress themselves to show their capabilities.

I hope for a generation of women who won’t just be after sitting in front of a man’s car but driving men too.

I think about a Nigeria where women won’t be seen as properties and objects of getting wealth in the name of bride price.

How about beautiful women not being judged by height, straight legs, complexion and layers of shades on their face.

I wish for a society who don’t have to see marriage as a means of defining total “womanity”
and child birth as a means of determining a decent woman.

I hope to see women who won’t have to become rivals to themselves over a man and believe that there’s a man for every woman.

I don’t wish to see women who suffer molestation and abuse of all forms in silence termed submissive.

May it never be heard again that giving birth to just female is a curse and show of NO NAME.

I wish that my little girl in primary 2 doesn’t have to keep explaining to my neighbour’s son that being a class prefect is not about physical but mental strength.

Dear World, I want a reality where a woman like me is allowed to air out my opinion on a matter before it is agreed upon.

I wish that our poor women won’t turn pretense into an art just to please their mother in-law.

I pray that women would be allowed to have a share of their father’s inheritance as well as the sons.

Dear World, I hope for a life where mothers don’t have to define “wife materials” by teaching their daughters how to sweep, wash and cook just so they can be married.

I dream for a country where successful women won’t be termed disrespectful and arrogant.

Until then, let the strong and weak women connect till when they truly know happiness and freedom.

Chinatu (Blessed) Orji, 
Department of Mass Communication, Cross River University of Technology

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