Portable Solar-powered Solution Ready for Marketing

Portable Solar- powered Solution Ready for Marketing
An innovative technology device that attempts to serve as a solution to the seemingly endless problem of individual electricity needs in Nigeria, is set to hit the market. It is known as Prototypic Portable Solar-powered Solution  (PPSS-Hybrid).

Prototypic Portable Solar-powered Solution device

One of the inventors of the device, Mr. Ikpi Ofem explained that it is an innovation that would shift the dependence of Nigerians from unreliable public power supply to reliable, portable and affordable individual power sources. He stated that: “PPSS is an eclectic non-traditional source of electricity primarily for Academics and non-Academics alike such as small households. The device seeks to limit how much individuals and small families spend on back-up generators to supplement or completely support daily life. 

“Beside capital or fixed cost of maintaining generators, cost of back-up can be as much as three times higher than with grid. That said, the biggest costs include: Long-term health of the use of generators and growing debates around climate change arising from air emission pollutants.”

Apart from Mr. Ofem, other inventors of PPSS-Hybrid include Professor Babson Ajibade, Dr. Nelson Takon, Dr. James Mbu and Dr. Adesola Adebisi, all Lecturers in Cross River University of Technology.

On his part, Dr. Nelson Takon explained the inevitability of change in relation to the invention of PPSS by stating that: “This is an outcome of reality. Just like a child weans from breast milk to other meals, the world is weaning itself from fossil fuel energy into renewable energy. We are trying to be sensitive about our carbon footprints, and energy efficiency and use”.

In addition, he explained that whereas fossil fuel driven electricity regime is finite, green energy sources are infinite. He said: “We don’t need to wait for fossil fuel driven electricity to get completely depleted before we start looking for alternative sources of generating power. We must start exploring green energy sources because they are infinite, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Instead of entirely depending on fossil fuel energy sources, PPSS is now using green energy technology to limit how much we depend on fossil fuel”.

Dr. Takon stated that inventors of the device have resolved to add value to the lives of Nigerians as well as conquer obstacles such as piracy and competition in the market place.

According to him, “the drivers behind PPSS seek to test a hypothesis whether or not PPSS would do for individuals’ basic sustainable electricity needs what mobile phones did for communication. Our broad objective is to meet basic electricity needs for individuals and small households. We are taking advantage of abundant sunshine and giving a power supply option which is environmentally friendly. We seek to encourage the use of low energy consuming electrical appliances as well as living with wisdom. Our invention is in support of eco-preneurship. It is small scale in nature and locally driven.

“We have self belief in what we are doing. We are committed to what we are doing. We have passion about what we are doing and we would continue to advance our imagination. We genuinely own this project. We would always be a mile ahead of anyone who tries to copy us. It is our thing. You can’t copy us because you cannot copy the degree of our passion”, he submitted.


PPSS-Hybrid devices: Awaiting supply

In a similar vein, Dr. James Mbu said PPSS-Hybrid would encourage its users to imbibe a better culture of discipline in the consumption of electricity. He stated that: “Abroad, there is no way somebody can even leave his appliance on standby mode, when he is off to work. He would turn it off completely. This is what is called energy efficiency. We need to imbibe such discipline here, as well. The device helps enhance energy mix. It is a green energy technology. It is possible for you to have solar powering a few of your appliances and biomass powering a few of your appliances.”

Speaking on the capacity of the device, Dr. Adesola Adebisi said: “The maximum watts of the device is 360. If you are using appliances of 360 watts, it would run for one hour and thirty minutes, when powered. If you are using lesser watts, it would run for more hours. The lesser the watts, the more the duration of usage. It should be able to power your phone, your laptop, printer, fan, electrical bulbs, radio set and television set, depending on the strength of the television set.”

Dr. Adebisi also stated that the device has a user’s guide which gives directions on load as well as spells out terms and conditions for usage.

In addition, he said that PPSS-Hybrid has higher energy capacity than other available inverters in the market. “It is equally more cost effective than other inverters. It costs about one hundred and twenty thousand naira currently and would soon reduce in price, hopefully. Also, it has high grade panel with charging points for Alternative Current and Direct Current, respectively. In addition, while other inverters are static, ours is portable and mobile. You can take it to anywhere,” he explained.

Similarly, Professor Babson Ajibade disclosed that clients of PPSS-Hybrid can specify what they want, in terms of the aesthetics of the device as well as its voltage. He said: “We would deliver according to specification. We also have the wood version of this panel. Some people may want that version. We can satisfy them because we have the passion to invent newer models of our device in line with the dynamics of technology and change.”


Wood version of PPSS-Hybrid device

It would be recalled that during the 6th convocation ceremony of Cross River University of Technology held in November 2017, Professor Benedict Ayade, Governor of Cross River State, challenged staff of Cross River University of Technology to invent a technology that can generate electricity from micro and minor water resources, particularly boreholes and underground water.

On that occasion, the Governor said: “I want us to carry out a research on how to generate electricity from our boreholes. I want every single borehole sunk in Cross River to be converted to a source of electricity. I want you to challenge me on how through a dehydrogenation process you can switch hydrogen from water and get that hydrogen molecule to drive turbines.”

Although PPSS-Hybrid does not specifically address the Governor’s charge of generating electricity from boreholes, it responds to his challenge on universities of technology to demonstrate various inventions and technologically-driven products of their institutions. Since PPSS-Hybrid is an outcome of research, it indicates that good research projects would no longer gather dust in book shelves, if proactive steps are taken to implement the recommendations in such projects.

Meanwhile, PPSS-Hybrid is expected to be available in the market before the end of this week. For inquiries, call any of these numbers: 08099658670, 08037025787, 08063606964, 0803304788.

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