Governorship Primary: Message to C’River APC Members

Message to C’River APC Members ahead of the Governorship Primary
Dear esteemed party faithfuls, today would mark a defining moment in our party and politics as we approach the 2019 general elections. Our decision today will determine the extent to which our great party would fare in the elections.

Many of you have been in opposition all your lives but now have the opportunity to decide whether to continue in opposition or not. The decision on who flies the party’s governorship ticket would go a long way to determine the outcome of other elections. Please, make the right choice.

Some people are just learning how to be in opposition as they just bought into the broom revolution. Some do so genuinely while many do so passively, just to fulfill their desperate ambitions. Whichever category you belong, remember your decision would mar or make our party as well as the state, going forward.


As you go to the field today, remember our days of little beginning. Remember the cross we carried and the price we paid to form a formidable opposition to give Cross Riverians and Nigerians opportunity of a better alternative. We are not where we are today because we had all the resources but because of our sincerity of purpose and determination to give our people what they truly deserve; quality leadership.

We have won and lost many battles together. The greatest battle we have won together is remaining as one despite how tempting and juicy the other divide has been.

We didn’t stay together because we had all the money but because we have a common goal, a goal to offer Cross Riverians quality and credible leadership. We have won the war, now is time to win the battle.


John Upan Odey, a founding member of our great party may not have all the money but he offers what is greater than money; integrity. Even our dear President Muhammadu Buhari won the battle against our common enemies in 2015 not because he had all the money but because where money couldn’t reach, integrity spoke for him.

Upan Odey is not coming to you as a messiah but as a credible alternative to what we have now. He us not presenting himself because he is the richest, oldest or most experienced in the race but as a cerebral young man who has more than just money to offer.

Money is good in politics but it doesn’t solve the problem of poor leadership. Ideas does. This is an area where Upan although the youngest, yet stands taller than everybody in the race.

If given the APC governorship ticket, the first task he’ll combat head on will be to bring everybody under the platform of APC together. Our dear Minister, Senator, National Vice Chairman, Former Governor and all leaders of great party need to come together because as Governor he will require the unity and collective support of everybody to succeed.

Upan Odey is not in race the race for governorship in order to build superhighway but to ensure that our existing roads are standardized. He is not in the race to build deep seaport but to ensure a speedy dredging of Calabar port to create jobs for our teeming unemployed youths.

His idea of job creation is not to make retinue of appointments without portfolios but to support and create avenues for people to grow their personal enterprises using the huge tourism potentials of our state and the boundless opportunities in agriculture.

Dear party faithfuls, posterity will judge us all if we sacrifice these wonderful ideas for money. There’s more to leadership than wealth.

The  APC which has the anti-corruption fight as its focal point shouldn’t be reduced to a commercial club where suspected treasury looters will use to launder their loot.

A vote for John Upan Odey is a vote for the unity of APC and total emancipation of Cross River State.

-JUO Media Council

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