Enamhe’s new yam festival message to Bekwarra/Obudu

A goodwill message delivered by Dornklaimz Enamhe, Ukpang 1 of Bekwarra to the people of Bekwarra/Obudu on the occasion of their 2018 new yam festival
My dear people of Bekwarra and Obudu, it is with deep love, respect and gladness that I convey glad tidings to you as we celebrate this year’s new yam festival. It is with humility that I also wish you a happy new month.

It is remarkable that we are beginning this new month with fresh harvests from our yam farms. I pray that these fresh harvest would set the pace for fresh blessings in our lives throughout this month and beyond. Just as we consider yam as the king of crops, I pray that God Almighty who is the King of Kings should grant us bountiful harvests of the king of crops. I pray that He should grant us wisdom and security to store our harvests in our yam barns so that there would be no cause for hunger in our homes, in the months ahead.


As we celebrate this day, may we remember to venerate our forefathers who instituted this culture of celebrating yam, the king of crops. Let us appreciate that legacy and play our parts in sustaining this rich culture for the sake of future generations of our people so that we may also be venerated.

One good way of sustaining this culture and getting venerated in future is by actually owning yam farms and according due respect for yam. We cannot harvest yam, if we do not cultivate it. Neither can we celebrate yam if we do not nurture and respect this crop. Therefore, I enjoin all of us to own yam farms, no matter where we may be residing. Let us embrace good agricultural practices in our respective environments and communities.

Another way of sustaining what our forefathers instituted is by working hard and remaining patient enough to reap the fruits of our hard work. Like we all know, our culture forbids arbitrary harvests of yam. Our forefathers knew that there is a time to sow and a time to reap. We all worked hard to sow yam. Today, we are reaping what we sowed some months ago. This shows patience. Similarly, let us learn to work hard and exercise such patience in all aspects of our lives.


Again, let us sustain what our forefathers instituted by displaying acts of love that would last throughout the celebration and beyond. A hateful heart never celebrates any good thing. Therefore, let us always resist hatred and bitterness. Let us always remember that we are one family, regardless of our political differences as individuals. Let peace and love always reign in all villages of Bekwarra and Obudu.

This new yam celebration isn’t a day of politicking. Nonetheless, I look forward to a future where the conditions in our villages would be attractive enough for all our sons and daughters from all parts of the world to eagerly rush home and celebrate this festival. I look forward to a future where tourists from all parts of the world would flock to our villages to witness how we celebrate this festival. I look forward to a future where hard work would be truly rewarded by choosing the best farmers on merit and rewarding them accordingly. I look forward to a future where merit and hard work would be truly rewarded in all occupations and endeavours.

That future is possible. That future is at hand. It would be determined by the choices that we would make at the forthcoming general elections. I humbly enjoin all of you to make the right choices at the elections. Thankfully, my political manifesto has a practical road map to the future that you all desire. But like I mentioned earlier, today isn’t a day of politicking. I am simply wishing you all the best and wishing you good political decisions ahead.

Once more, I humbly enjoin you to celebrate this day with love and decorum. Our forefathers abhorred dishonesty, drunkenness, gluttony and immorality. Let us respect them by equally abhorring such vices, as we celebrate today.

Happy new month to other Cross Riverians and Nigerians as well, as we  continue to think Cross River. We are in it together. May God bless us all.

Dormclaimz Enamhe
Ukpang 1 of Bekwarra

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