“Relate with me on the basis of my Ideology” – Hon Lebo

“Relate with me on the basis of my Ideology” – Rt. Hon John Gaul Lebo
Speaker of Cross River State House of Assembly and Member representing Abi Constituency in the House of Assembly, Rt. Honorable John Gaul Lebo, has enjoined the public to relate with him and assess his suitability for election into Nigeria’s House of Representatives on the basis of his political ideology, rather than on sentimental basis. He stated this yesterday in his office while explaining his ideology and proposal for Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency to some newsmen.


Rt. Honourable John Gaul Lebo stressing a point, while explaining his manifesto

The Speaker said: “I thought that it is important to have a campaign ideology because I want people to relate with me, not on the basis of sentiments, but on the basis of my ideology. Let the criticism about me and my candidature be done on the basis of the political ideology that I have. My ideology is flexible. When the situation analysis on the ground and the need assessment on the ground finds out that a particular constituency is tended towards a particular infrastructure deficiency, then our strategies should be able to find a solution to it.”

Rt. Honourable Lebo presented a legislative manifesto that is entitled “New Direction In Legislative Governance” and stated that the manifesto is specifically meant to provide value for his constituents. In this vein, he asked: “If I propose a bill for a law to provide for expansion of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, it is a very good bill. But what impact does it have on my constituency? If I provide even a bill to set up a new University in Calabar, they would hail me as a state-wide legislator. But what direct impact would it have on my constituency?”

He said that as Speaker of Cross River State House of Assembly, he has the advantage of knowing how to present bills that are beyond the powers of the House of Assembly but within that of the National Assembly. Therefore, he stated that if elected, he intends to use that advantage in the best interest of his constituents.

Rt. Honourable Lebo identified Institute of Technology and Management, Ugep, as an Institution that needs a Federal law to convert it to a Federal University or Polytechnic. Similarly, he said that it would be good if a bill is sponsored to get the Federal Government to take over Songhai Farm in Abi as a Federal Agro Enterprise. He said: “Even if I pass those two bills in four years, they would add more value than having twenty bills on carbon credit or counterpart fund.”

He added that as much as he would feel fulfilled if he gains national recognition by passing several bills in Abuja, he would feel more fulfilled if he sponsors two or three bills that “would take one small boy out of the streets” in his constituency. According to him, “that is the natural progression”.

It would be recalled that Honourable Bassey Ewa, Member representing Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency in Nigeria’s House of Representatives was Speaker of Cross River State House of Assembly before he got elected into the office that the current Speaker also aspires for.

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