How to Enter or Leave CRUTECH on Rainy Days

How to Enter or Leave CRUTECH on Rainy Days
“Ability to swim” is not a criteria for gaining admission into any Nigerian University. Neither is it a criteria for being employed to work in any Nigerian University. But it may soon be listed as a requirement for gaining admission into Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) or a requirement for being employed to work there, if nothing is done to arrest the flood that erupts at the portion of the road that leads into this University and out of there, on rainy days.


Ekpo Abasi roundabout, leading in and out of CRUTECH.

One of such rainy days was Monday, July 16, 2018. On that day, Professor (Mrs) Akon Joshua, a former Deputy Vice Chancellor of CRUTECH, posted this message on the Whatsapp platform of this University’s branch of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU): “CRUTECH gate/roundabout heavily flooded now. In case you are coming to campus now, prepare to swim.” She posted a picture of that portion of the road, to illustrate her message.

Professor (Mrs) Joshua added that: “…. Whoever is concerned, something must be done to arrest this. Our self-esteem has been punctured today having to go through this with our students. The rains are yet to be in full force. This is just ‘preamble’ of August and September rains coming…. This flood hinders academic activities here and its getting worst by the day. Enough of this ‘suffering and laughing.’ This is a University. Thanks.”


Typical scene on rainy days at Ekpo Abasi roundabout, leading to CRUTECH’s gate.

Reacting to that message, Dr. Friday Ovat, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, wrote: “Its an eyesore. I just swam past there now.” Similar reactions of disappointment and suggestions on how to tackle the flood, accompanied this post.

As students and staff of that University remain apprehensive of cloudy weather and rainy days, here are my suggestions on what they could do on such days:

  1. Avoid the University’s main gate on rainy days. As you do so, remember that there is no other gate in and out of CRUTECH. Therefore, simply remain wherever you may be, whenever it starts raining heavily. It won’t rain forever.
  2. If you must pass through that gate, do not walk. Do not drive or join any vehicle, either. Like Dr. Sunny Nkomo, a Lecturer in that University suggested on ASUU’s platform, use a speedboat, if you must use that gate. Although there are no speedboats there currently, a contract may soon be awarded for the supply of canoes to serve the needs of CRUTECH. “This is Naija”. Just watch out!
  3. Drive carefully, if you must drive. Decrease your speed and turn on your hazard lights. Turn off your air conditioning. If the flood is deep, do not stop. Otherwise, your vehicle’s engine may get damaged. Reverse, if it is safe to do so. Visit your vehicle’s mechanic immediately, after successfully wading through the flood. Ensure that your vehicle gets certified as fit to drive.
  4. Be a good swimmer, if you must walk. Wear swimming trunks and walk carefully. Swim safely, if you stumble and get swept off. Also, carry a waterproof bag containing warm clothes and another pair of footwear to change into, wherever you can find some privacy in school. You may get ill, if you wear wet clothes for too long.

Have I left out anything? I think that the above tips should suffice, for now. Let’s just get set for the next rainy day, ahead of time.

Meanwhile, some parts of CRUTECH’s staff quarters equally get flooded on rainy days. This affects some homes in this University. It means that some residents of the staff quarters dread rainy days. They deserve our sympathies.

In this vein, Linda and I join staff and students of CRUTEH in calling on the authorities concerned to urgently and permanently solve the menace of flood in this University. “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Cornelius Ellah
Twitter: @lin_cornellah
Facebook: Cornelius Ellah

Photo Credit: Professor (Mrs) Akon Joshua


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