Believe What You Don’t See

-Believing What You Don’t See-
Do you believe that there is a world around you which you do not see? It exists and is alive irrespective of your opinion about it. Naturally, our minds are limited by what our eyes can behold and this creates a huge block (in our minds, of course) as to what could actually “BE” or even what “IS”.


The call here is to accept the thinking that there is a great unseen force that is creating and recreating life within and around you all the time, endlessly and creatively.

Interestingly, you can key into this recreating force. All you need is to open your mind to it and believe.

Now, you can on the other hand choose to believe that an unseen force exists but for a negative purpose. If you choose to go in that direction and believe along those lines, then be ready to also welcome its effects into your life. So, here you are blessed with the great and beautiful power of choice.

Would you rather believe in a negative force or go along a belief in the positive recreating force that gives life an additional possible and beautiful experience beyond the good things your eyes can already see?

I choose to think of the positive recreating force that when I tune into it, is capable of giving me a new sense and perspective into a richer and calmer life in the physical.

The unseen recreating force is one of stillness, calmness, oneness, wholeness, peace, balance, positive energy, non-judgement and inspiration. Within our physical engagements, these are states of being we lose from time to time. There are moments we lose it and are not sure what to do or what to make of ourselves.

Then, fortunately, the one who created you and I did not just throw us into this physical being with all the limitations it seems to possess. The Great One gave us unseen capacities within and around ourselves that we can tap into to help us deal more serenely with this mortal existence.

When angry, know that it is within your power to get over that feeling and just let yourself be. Do what you can and let it be. Don’t sulk for long; you don’t need it.

When depressed, pick yourself up and get into some positive action. Take time too to look up into the blue (and white) sky above and just think of nothing but the beauty and awesomeness of your very existence and so much more you can still do with your life.

When you feel ignored and unrecognized, know that it’s all in your thinking and in your belief in what your eyes can see. Remember that you are great and worth so much. Your value is from within yourself and it is God-given!

When troubled and anxious, you have the option to focus on your need, your lack, or your source of unease. You could, with the eyes of faith, choose to focus on that positive recreating force that has everything in abundance around you.

Tune into that belief in God’s abundant provision and tap from its wealth. Your worrying, crying and over-thinking will do you no good.

When dislike, hate and/or revenge fill your heart; let it go. Those emotions do not belong within you. You were created to love, to smile, to forgive, to think good and move on. Take the necessary positive steps to help yourself, but do move on emotionally. Life still has so much beautiful pleasures and surprises for you.

All in all, at every moment, and in every circumstance, you can tap into that unseen positive, recreating and rejuvenating energy and life force which exists within and around you,
unseen as it is!


– Linda Ellah
Twitter: Lin_cornellah
Facebook: Lincornellah

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