School Girls’ Reaction When Iceland got a Penalty

Watch Video of School Girls’ Reaction When Iceland got a Penalty against Nigeria
A video showing how students of a girls’ secondary school were watching a small television set and screaming “over the bar” when Iceland was awarded a penalty against Nigeria, is probably the best recent testimony of how Nigerians love their country’s national football team.

The video was posted on twitter by ThePrincelsy (@theprince_isy), a user of that medium. It has this caption: “Secondary school students’ reaction to Iceland’s penalty is the best thing you’d see today #NGAISL Beauty of the game”. ThePrincelsy explained that the girls in that video are students of Olivet Secondary School, Oyo. He added that “these girls were a lot more than boys….”

At the time of filing this report, that video had been viewed 170 thousand times, liked by 9,638 twitter users and gotten 6,944 retweets.

It is accompanied by several comments of persons who expressed how they felt, when Nigeria defeated Iceland in that World Cup match that was played last Friday.

For instance, Anthony Udoka (@Anthonyudoka) wrote: “It was an awesome feeling. I was at a hospital with my daughter. Had to watch from one of the wards. Even the sick were jumping from their beds. Nothing ever makes us this happy. Thanks Super Eagles. #Soaragainstargentina”.

Also, Phateamata (@phateamata) wrote: “This actually brought tears to my eyes. If only we could all be like this in the country even when the #SuperEagles are not playing, the country would be the best place ever on earth”.

It would be recalled that Iceland got a penalty against Nigeria after Ahmed Musa had scored Nigeria’s two goals in that match. The penalty was missed by Sigurdsson in the 82nd minute of play and fetched Nigeria a clean sheet in that match.

Watch how those secondary school girls reacted, when the penalty was awarded:


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