FIFA 2018 World Cup and our Sweethearts

FIFA 2018 World Cup and our Sweethearts
This piece is inspired by a post entitled: “Here is the official letter that all men must send to their female partner by the latest June 13, 2018”. I received it yesterday, via whatsapp. It was written by an unnamed author.

Although the letter is addressed to a “sweetheart”, its tone has the semblance of a decree dictated by a no – nonsense military ruler to his subject. The letter begins benignly but bares its fangs after making an announcement. Here is how it starts: “Dear Sweetheart, The FIFA World Cup begins on the 14th of June. During this period I won’t have a lot of time for you. It’s not that I’m cheating or no longer wish to be with you, but I will have to make every effort to watch every single match.

“I will not be attending any social events such as weddings, funerals, parties etc during this period. So please do not ask”.


The World Cup begins today with host country, Russia, playing against Saudi Arabia
Photo Credit: @FIFAWorldCup (Twitter)

The man goes ahead to counsel his sweetheart against imagining and saying that the World Cup competition is just a game featuring “22 men chasing a ball.” To him, the competition is everything.

Thus, he proceeds to decree “guidelines to ensure a smooth and argument free month.” One of such guidelines is that the television’s remote control must remain with him at all times. Another is that his sweetheart must support the team he supports, “not the team that has guys you think are cute.”

I regard that letter as a satire that speaks to all homes. We live in a football – crazy world. Although that letter implies that the writer’s “sweetheart” does not watch football matches, the truth is that football’s “madness” afflicts everyone. Women also watch and play football. Therefore, women can equally send that letter to their male sweethearts.

But should the World Cup cause us to alienate ourselves from our loved ones? No.

Unlike most men that I know, the writer of that piece seems like a homely man who stays in his sitting room to watch football matches. At the same time, he seems like a man who gets mentally transported from his home during football matches. One of his guidelines is: “Never ever walk in front of the TV while I am watching a match!” Such a man can resort to domestic violence during a football match. He can strangle anyone who blocks his view. He is not better than hooligans who watch football matches in public places.

Yet, a football game does not last beyond three hours. On the other hand, our sweethearts are meant to be with us forever. The World Cup should not distract our attention from the needs of these sweethearts. As much as it may be necessary that we should keenly watch all football matches of the World Cup, it is imperative of us to keep our homes and relationships intact.

Let us never use the World Cup as an excuse for psychological or geographical escape from our loved ones. Relationships are the pillars of our existence. At best, let us only make new healthy relationships that would not infringe on our commitments to the sweethearts that God has blessed us with.

In conclusion, the writer of that letter states: “Thanks in advance. We look forward to your cooperation and your utter silence.” In other words, his “sweetheart” should not question his authority throughout the duration of the competition. Authoritarianism is set to replace love in his home, just as the World Cup is set to kick off.

Let us avoid such a scenario. Rather, let peace, understanding and love reign in our homes, as we enjoy the 64 matches of the competition, beginning from today.

Cornelius Ellah
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