“Forsake Sentiments” – Dean Advices Lecturers

CRUTECH’s Dean of Post Graduate School Advices Lecturers to Forsake Sentiments
The Dean of Post Graduate School in Cross River University of Technology, CRUTECH, Professor (Mrs) Ijeoma Archibong, has adviced university lecturers to forsake sentiments and promote merit during electioneering periods and in the conduct of all forms of academic affairs.

She gave this advice today, when she supervised the conduct of election of a Representative of Faculty of Communication Technology to CRUTECH’s Post Graduate School. She said: “Let us grow this university together. Stop the politics of ‘eh, it must be this person. I hate this person. This person is my own. This person is not my own.’ Let us put it somewhere and move this Faculty forward. Let us forsake sentiments.

“I don’t see the justification for all the small fights that I hear. It is not worth it. What should be worth it is that in my time and in your time, you have managed to build an institution, you have managed to produce credible graduates. You have managed to give a ray of hope to this nation by the quality of graduates that you produce. Let us help ourselves and our nation.”

Prof (Mrs) Archibong also enjoined Lecturers of Faculty of Communication Technology to sustain what she described as the outstanding legacies of the Department of Mass Communication, during the era of the erstwhile Polytechnic, Calabar. She said that merit held sway in all the department’s affairs, at that time.


Professor (Mrs) Ijeoma Archibong, Dean of Post Graduate School, CRUTECH

In this vein, she advised that merit should also play a role in the allocation of students for project supervision. She said: “Allocation of a supervisor should be based on the area or topic a student has chosen so that that person can bring his know-how to it. And also that person might have at least some degree of currency in what is happening in that area and be able to give us projects that are on top of their game.”

Professor (Mrs) Archibong explained that her decry of sentiments in academics is borne out of her general concern for the standard of education in Nigeria, rather than from any specific instance in CRUTECH.

Meanwhile, the election exercise witnessed the emergence of Professor (Mrs) Joy Etiowo as the Representative of Faculty of Communication Technology in CRUTECH’s Post Graduate School. She was unanimously elected to function in that capacity.

In her post-election speech, Prof (Mrs) Etiowo appealed to Lecturers to contribute to credible quality.

She said: “The life you save could be yours. My third daughter is in her third year as a student of mass communication in another university. She would have been in this department. The only reason that took her out was that she said she was born in CRUTECH. She went to primary school from CRUTECH quarters. She also went to secondary school from CRUTECH quarters. If she goes to the university from CRUTECH quarters, she may end up marrying a CRUTECH husband!

“What this means is that she would have been our student. So if we are not doing well, I would have been one of the unfortunate beneficiaries of that. It could happen to any of us. So let us work hard and ensure good quality.”

In a related development, Dr (Mrs) Veronica-Bassey Duke, has been unanimously elected as Representative of Faculty of Communication Technology in CRUTECH’s Senate. She is the Faculty’s immediate past Acting Dean.

Today’s election was the only item in the agenda of a meeting that was presided over by Dr Jacob Agba, newly elected Acting Dean of Faculty of Communication Technology. It was his first official assignment in the Faculty, after he won an election that was held on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

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