Lessons From Pictures of a Photographer

– Lessons From Pictures of a Photographer Taking Shots of Super Eagles
Nowadays, almost all of us are photographers, as long as we own smartphones. With the aid of our smartphone cameras, we can take pictures of ourselves and events surrounding us and share them on the social media, for posterity.

It is almost expected that everyone should own a smartphone and know how to use its camera. Apparently, no experience is required for the use of such cameras. Just pick up your phone and click away! This means that professional photography is almost being relegated to the background.

However, these pictures posted on the twitter handle of Nigeria’s Super Eagles (@NGSuperEagles) show that photography goes beyond just “clicking away”. The pictures show how professional photographers take extra measures to capture what the eyes of amateur photographers may regard as ordinary. The tweet from @NGSuperEagles states: “International photo journalist Erwin Spek will not stop at anything to get the best shots of our team in training. #SoarSuperEagles #TeamNaijaStrong”.


Erwin Spek in action
Photo Credit: Twitter (@NGSuperEagles)

Erwin Spek’s efforts suggest that he is passionate about his work. Obviously, he steps beyond his comfort zone. One can say that Spek sees with his head and with his heart. With such passion, his camera cannot miss any moment that matters. The outcome of such effort would always remain distinctly and intrinsically attractive. That is the true essence of photojournalism.

It is important to also acknowledge @NGSuperEagles for recognizing the fact that Erwin Spek’s efforts deserve acknowledgement and documentation. Sometimes, we tend to focus on superstars without recognizing the efforts of those who work behind the scenes to bring such superstars to our attention. We tend to forget the fact that no star would shine on its own except it is brought to limelight by another force.

When the World Cup begins in Russia, we would be watching great footballers as they showcase their talents. Sports Analysts and Presenters would equally be getting our attention, when the World Cup kicks off. We would soon be getting familiar with new names. Ironically, such new names would reach our attention through the efforts of others whose names may never attract our attention.

When the World Cup starts, we may easily forget Erwin Spek and others who work behind the scenes to serve us pictures and reports of events. Equally, we may never accord any attention to the medical and catering staff of various countries at the competition.


“International photo journalist Erwin Spek will not stop at anything to get the best shots of our team in training”.
Photo Credit: Twitter (@NGSuperEagles)

Such is life. Sometimes, we forget that everyone is important. For instance, we think of our President without remembering his bodyguard. We think of our Governors without remembering their cooks. We think of Aso Rock, our President’s official residence in Abuja, without remembering the bricklayers that built it.

Generally, we tend to focus more on the finished product than on the process that led to its finishing.

As we begin this new month that leads to the kickoff of Russia 2018, let us always remember that each “little step” counts. Let us always remember that every human being has an impact on another.

Therefore, let us always strive to use our various passions and offices to make positive impacts on the people that we impact on.

Linda and I wish all our readers a happy new month.

Cornelius Ellah
Twitter: @lin_cornellah
Facebook: Cornelius Ellah


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