(In Pictures) Reaching out to the Young (Charity Tour)

-Reaching out to the Young (Charity Tour)-
To mark the Children’s Day celebration on May 27, a Charity Tour for children and orphans in particular, was carried out in the city of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. This was organized by an initiative called, Child Rights and You (CRY).

Mr Michael Nsan, Founder and National Coordinator of Child Rights and You (CRY).

Mr Michael Nsan, Founder and National Coordinator of a charity organization, Child Rights and You (CRY), runs an initiative that “advocates for the Rights of Children, Right to Life, Right to Love and be Loved, Right to Health Care, Education, Training, and Happiness.”

In their branded T-Shirt, Mr Nsan and his team embarked on the  Charity Tour which  took them across the beautiful city of Calabar with loads of food stuff and gift items for the children.

The Tour bus picked up children and orphans at various orphanages across town. The first stop was at Galapunya Orphanage and next was at CPN Orphanage.

The tour, which turned out to be an exciting one for the children, also included a motivational talk and teaching on Mary Slessor, a great missionary to Africa.

The Children and the CRY Team at the Mary Slessor Memorial Effigy (roundabout) in Calabar.

Her first missionary work was “to save the babies that were to be killed or exposed to death. …She succeeded in saving also many of the poor mothers who were to be killed, and these together with the children she instructed in the Christian religion”. She is known to have stopped the killing of twin babies.

The children also paid a visit to the Nigerian Navy.

Catering for the younger generation who look up to us for care, love, guidance and inspiration is an obligation older persons owe the young, dependent, less priviledged and upcoming leaders in our society.

These are the ones who hold our tomorrow, but they need our care, attention and love today.

 Please read below Mr Mike Nsan’s feedback on the Charity Tour:

Our event, The Charity TOUR was a huge success!

You needed to see the kids… I’m still at a loss of words to describe their excitement.

They are always confined and have no idea what an outing is. To them, it was strange, and they were amused, curious, and fevers pitch excited…

Finally, I say a very Big Thank you to you all.
Especially to the following sponsors:

Prof. Zana Akpagu (VC, Unical)
Etinyin Esu Duke
Franka Nkong-Ogar (Fedsco)
Rt. Hon. Paul Adah
Patricia Nsan
Laureen Fakunle (Fedsco Classmate)
Odey Kevin Igba
John Upan Odey jnr
Chief (Barr.) Utum Utum Eteng
MaryBen Ogar
High Chief Dr. Emmanuel Nsan
Lolo Mrs. Gladys Nsan
MaryJane Ohobu
Gabe Effiong
Management of Crispy Chicken
NTA Channel 9 Calabar
FAD FM 93:1 through Anthony Duke
Ekeng Ita Henshaw
Linda Asimole Ellah (Fedsco)
Mrs. Elizabeth Damachi

Members of my team and volunteers:

Phebe Nsan
Paul Nsan
Francis Nsan
Callistus Nsan
Mikolo Nsan (Da rasta boy)
Dorcas Uta
Maria (Child Protection Network)
Rev. Sister Christiana and Sis Mary (Infant Jesus Orphanage)
Mrs. Grace (Galapunya Orphanage)
Mrs. Oti (Uwanse Orphanage)
Brenda (CRY)
Bella (CRY) and a host of others ….

God bless you immensely!

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Mr Michael Nsan, Founder and National Coordinator, Child Rights and You (CRY) can be contacted on:
(+234) 0805 5637790

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Pictures: By CRY photographer

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