See Pictures of “Unreal” Royal Wedding

See Pictures of “Unreal” Royal Wedding
“One day you’re 15 and posing outside Buckingham palace and 22 years later you’re marrying the Prince. Unreal.”


“One day you’re 15 and posing outside Buckingham palace and 22 years later you’re marrying the Prince. Unreal.”

Fate works in ways that may be described as “unreal”.

Probably, this explains why Lucy Sempey, a twitter user, described what took place in Meghan Markle’s life when she was 15 years old and what took place in her life, 22 years later. According to Lucy’s tweet and the photo that accompanied it, Meghan posed for a picture in front of Buckingham Palace, 22 years ago. Yesterday, she got wedded to Prince Henry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth of England. Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s residence in London. This means that Meghan is now a member of that royal residence, by virtue of yesterday’s marriage.

Apparently, fate has worked in an “unreal” way for her.

According to AFP, “over six million people tweeted on Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, more than three times the number during his older brother’s wedding, social media monitoring firm Visibrain said Sunday.”

“Between 2200 GMT Friday and 2300 GMT Saturday, 6,604,498 tweets were posted worldwide on the royal nuptials, of which 5.2 million bore the hashtag #RoyalWedding, the French firm said.”

AFP further reports that Lucy Sempey’s tweet as indicated above, has been retweeted 105,000 times, making it the most picked up post on the wedding.


Wedding picture of Prince Henry and his wife, Meghan Markle

Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, is younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, who was Princess of Wales. He is popularly known as Prince Harry. His elder brother is Prince Williams.

Prince Henry was born on 15 September 1984 while his wife, Meghan Markle, was born on August 4, 1981. Yesterday’s marriage is Meghan’s second marriage. In September 2011, she got wedded to film producer Trevor Engelson but the marriage broke up two years later.

It would be recalled that the marriage of Prince Henry’s parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, took place on 29 July 1981 and attracted global attention. The marriage ended in a divorce on 28 August 1996. Princess Diana died in a car crash in a Paris tunnel on 31 August 1997. She was famously called “the People’s Princess”.


Prince Henry and Meghan Markle

Meanwhile, one of the most talked about aspect of yesterday’s wedding is a sermon on the power of love, as delivered by Bishop Michael Curry, the first black presiding Bishop and Primate of the US-based Episcopal Church. In that sermon, Bishop Curry said that Jesus Christ is an epitome of love. He said:

“He died to save us all. He didn’t die for anything he could get out of it. Jesus did not get an honorary doctorate for dying. He didn’t – he wasn’t getting anything out of it. He gave up his life, he sacrificed his life, for the good of others, for the good of the other, for the wellbeing of the world … for us.”

“….When love is the way — unselfish, sacrificial, redemptive, when love is the way, then no child would go to bed hungry in this world ever again. When love is the way, we will let justice roll down like a mighty stream and righteousness like an ever flowing brook. When love is the way poverty will become history. When love is the way the earth will become a sanctuary. When love is the way we will lay down our swords and shields down by the riverside to study war no more. When love is the way there’s plenty good room, plenty good room for all of God’s children.”

That wedding took place at Saint George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England. It was attended by celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Idris Elba, James Corden, Sir Elton John, Victoria and David Beckham, Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams, among others.

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