Neurologist Recommends Psychiatric Attention for IGP

Neurologist Recommends Neurological Attention for IGP
Dr Nura Alkali, a Neurologist with Abubakar Tafewa Balewa University (ATBU) Teaching Hospital Bauchi, has recommended that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, should see an experienced Neurologist or Psychiatrist, following what is shown in a video that has gone viral, as his inability to read a speech.

In that trending video whose authenticity is still a subject of speculation and arguments especially in the social media, the IGP is seen stammering absurdly and in a gibberish manner, as he struggled to pronounce some words in an official function that reportedly took place on Monday, in Kano.

For instance, he made these sentences, according to what is shown in that video: “I mean transmission to have effect apprehended, I mean apprehensive towards the recommend, recommendations transmission attentive and infection, I mean apprehensive.”

“Transmission of high transitive transiting transmission transmission for the effective of the transmission of the Nigeria police force and the men in the command.”

“The effective transmission transmission, I mean transmission, I mean cultivation, I mean cultivative transmission of mission, transmission.”

“I mean of other transmission of effective transmission, I mean sorry sir….”


Dr Nura Alkali

As a result of it, Dr Alkali explained on Facebook that:

“Having watched the IGP Idris speech video, I can only conclude that he had a brain block. What caused it I cannot tell, since I lack his medical history. But I suspect one of three possibilities: Severe emotional stress, a non-motor seizure, or transient global amnesia.”

“He is certainly not dyslexic, after all, he has read public speeches flawlessly in the past. And from available evidence, the video was not doctored. I advise the IGP to see an experienced neurologist or psychiatrist, who should also watch the video.”

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Dr Alkali, also posted the following, shortly after the above post:

“Some of us find it hard to believe that a medical condition can make a speech sound like a ‘broken record’. Well, one of such causes is transient global amnesia (TGA).”

“The main sign of TGA is being temporarily unable to form new memories. This is called prominent anterograde amnesia. During the episode of TGA, the person will seem disoriented in time and often ask questions about the date or their environment over and over again. This may be described as the person sounding like a ‘broken record’.”

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Dr. Alkali also dismissed the likelihood that the video was doctored. He told those who raised that possibility of the use of an editing software that: “A video editing software making him repeat the same thing over and over won’t show the aide strolling up to the podium to help him. Yes, he made the same mistakes even with the aide, but that is the nature of the medical conditions I listed above”.

Similarly, he said that what was shown in that video could not have arisen from stage phobia. Instead, he asked and answered: “Why do people find it difficult to believe medical problems could be responsible? Is it possible for a policeman to rise to IGP and has a stage fright? How many ranks did he hold before reaching there? Let me see… ASP, DSP, SP, CSP, ACP, DCP, CP, AIG and DIG.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Senior Special Adviser to the President on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs, has tweeted that: “This video is definitely doctored. The error was made once, then special effects used to repeat it. What I don’t understand is why anyone would believe. Well, it’s a Social Media World.”

In that vein, Dr Joe Abbah (@DrJoeAbah) replied: “If this video is genuine, I have been advised the IGP may be dyslexic. If that is the case, it is no laughing matter and not something he should be ridiculed for. A lot of kids are dyslexic. We must ensure that they are not bullied or stigmatized. They too can become IG of Police.”

The Inspector General of Police had not responded to that video, at the time of filing this report.

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