Does Life not Look Simply Complex? Grrr…

-Does Life not Look Simply Complex? Grrr…-
Living a simple life means bringing out the childlikeness in you.

Jesus said, “…Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” Mathew 18:3

Every adult has passed through childhood and has had the experience of being a child, but most of that memory may not remain much with a person. Some of us adults even find it difficult to empathize with a child as we have forgotten what it is to be in their shoes psychologically. The look and feel of it can sometimes feel distant.


A lot of our childhood experiences enter into the subconscious or unconscious depending on the strength of the experience and the person’s ability to recall it. Nonetheless, the nitty-gritty of childhood life often fade into the shadows of our memories and may not have conscious impact on our actions today.

This does not subtract from the fact that beliefs and philosophies formed at childhood affect us actively today. They certainly do, even when we are not conscious of it.

However, the point here is that we, on the surface, forget what it was like being a child at those moments. We lose our innocence, simplicity, curiosity, little audacious acts and the ability to just be ourselves and dream about a great life in the future which we can begin to create today.

There may be many reasons and excuses for this as one move into adolescence and then adulthood. These usually include: Schooling, culture, new responsibilities, expectations from others, daily needs to be met, acquired religious beliefs, associations and lots of other external influences.

These preoccupations become places where our minds draw thought patterns that form certain beliefs. These beliefs make a person act in certain ways. Hence, that simple outlook to life gets lost like a needle in a hay sac.

As adults, when we lose this childlike simplicity, life begins to look really complex and complicated. Sure, it all starts from the mind. The mind gets clouded with the effects of the various negative experiences you have had, the biases, thoughts of low self-esteem and the acquired prejudices.

Note that your thoughts are always creating and reproducing the kind of person you are. Thoughts form your beliefs, beliefs become action, your actions become habits, which then form your character. This then determine the kind of future you are creating for yourself.

Why You Need to Get Simple Again

In spite of all that clouds your brow, you can get simple again. This is important as it leaves you with a light heart, you are able to always refresh your outlook on life, you remain teachable, you remain open to learn from everyone and from everything, you are able to more easily let go of hurts and pain, you are better able to forgive others who hurt you; it just makes your life a lot simpler.

Someone weighed down by anger, hurts, revenge, pride and other negative stuff, cannot live a positive life. His or her energy is overspent in the past. Thus, he or she has no energy left to even envision, dream and work towards a future of great possibilities. Are you lost in pains and hurts of the past and present? Then you are not ready and disposed for a brighter future.

When you get simple again, then your attitude, mind, disposition is ready to set a vision and pursue that vision as a person who is changed from within. Until then, you only live an average life and survive in mediocrity. When you get simple again, you are then able to focus on creating a future you want. Life no longer just happens to you.

How You Can Get Simple Again

As adults, we can help ourselves to recover our simplicity and childlikeness and this is how:

  • Thoughts: It all begins with your thoughts. Learn how to control and be in charge of your thoughts. Your mind is not a free wheel; you can control what enters into your mind. Only allow positive and uplifting thoughts to remain on your mind. A negative thought may creep in but you decide what you want to dwell on as your thought.

Replace negative thinking and self-depreciating thoughts with positive and uplifting ones instead. Yes, this is possible and it gets easier with practice to control what you choose to dwell on.

When you are able to form the habit of controlling what you think and are able to redirect your thoughts positively, then you begin to have a more positive perspective towards people and situations. Brooding on negatives only leaves your heart heavy and things just get more complicated.

In every situation or incident you face or experience, take the challenging part and develop positive thoughts around that area. This does not mean denying the incident that happens, rather it is choosing what you want to dwell on, because this is what moves you forward, else you get controlled and disempowered by what has happened.

  • Words: Speak positive words to the situation.  Words are powerful. Don’t take the words you say for granted. With words, you create and bring to being what you want. Respond rather than react.

When things get choky, watch your emotions and choose to respond. Reacting only bring out words you may prefer you hadn’t spoken. And it further leads you to get negative on yourself. So, guard the words you use and what you say. It is your life.

  • Actions: Choose actions that respond positively to that circumstance, event or person. Avoid doing things just for the purpose of pleasing someone. It only breeds resentment later on. Be convinced of what you choose to do and do it because you want to do it for yourself.

Finally, endeavour to understand situations from another’s perspective and see how best to arrive at a common ground for the purpose of communicating better and bringing solutions to problems that arise.

This is not just as easy as a pie, but it is possible. It is challenging and requires an adult mind who has began taking responsibility for their life. If you are still on the level of blaming others for your situation, then all these steps discussed here will not make sense to you.

So, take charge of your life and
make your life simple and happy!

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable… if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things and the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:8

Linda Ellah
Twitter: @lin_cornellah
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