“The Blue Coalition” gets Inaugurated in Calabar

-“The Blue Coalition” gets Inaugurated in Calabar-
“The Blue Coalition”, a leadership and governance platform which has been described by her founders as “a non – partisan platform dedicated solely to the development of leadership capacity for all who aspire for public offices in Nigeria”, was inaugurated yesterday in Calabar.

Speaking on the occasion of that inauguration, Architect John Etim Bassey, Director General, Cross River State Investment Bureau and Convener of the Coalition, said that “a revolution is about to hit Nigeria. It is not a revolution of fist and bullets, but the blue collar revolution.”


Pastor John Etim Bassey, Director General, Cross River State Investment Bureau and one of the founders of the Coalition.

He explained that “The Blue Coalition” is a non – profit organization which “would become one of the critical stakeholders in developing an effective succession planning program for the leadership of our nation.”

According to him, the Coalition’s vision extends beyond the election cycle in Nigeria to include advocating for effective leadership at all levels of government.

Architect John Bassey added that the Coalition would develop leadership programs for schools, churches, mosques and social centers in order to ensure that “leadership development becomes imbibed in the DNA of every growing child in the New Nigeria.”

He expressed regrets that although Nigeria boasted of renowned national leaders like Abubakar Tafewa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ambassador Matthew Mbu and others, the country has “now degenerated into producing leaders who possess no leadership capacity or character occupying the highest positions in both the public and private sector space and making a mess of the Nation State.”

Therefore, he invited “all well-meaning Nigerians, all Leadership Coaches, all Development and Transformation agents and anyone who desires to lock hands to rebuild our nation… to join the Blue Coalition….”

He said that interested persons could join as volunteers or leadership coaches in any of the Coalition’s “leadership cells” which would be developed in schools, market places, religious centers, playgrounds and development centers in all parts of Nigeria.

In his keynote address on the Importance of Leadership in Good Governance, Senator Bassey Ewa Henshaw, former representative of Cross River State Southern Senatorial District in Nigeria’s Senate, enjoined the electorate to obtain their Permanent Voters Cards and make active use of these, in order to effectively play their roles in achieving good Governance.

He urged Nigerians not to sell their votes, saying: “If you go there and a candidate comes and shares 200 naira, 500 naira or whatever to everybody and takes the votes away, you have sold your right for 500 naira for four years…. Your power is in the integrity of your votes.”

“When somebody that is in office knows that if he fools around then his term in office would be limited because people have become aware and will not tolerate misbehavior in office, they will sit up. They would strive to do better.”

“But if they believe that they can do one or two things and get you dancing around like a puppet, they would continue doing what they want and when it is necessary, they would do that to you and you would dance.”


Senator Bassey Ewa Henshaw

In this respect, Senator Bassey Henshaw identified sycophancy and begging especially in politics, as major obstacles to progress in Nigeria, adding that he never gave “handouts” when he served in the Senate for two terms.

He said: “I took a decision that I am going to do this politics on my terms and I did not give any handouts even if it cost me my election. And it did. I didn’t care. It is not to say that I didn’t have money to give. I had. But I would only give it under certain conditions: That you can utilize it. First of all, use your brain. Think about what to do for a livelihood. Politics is not a career. It is service. Serve for a time and you are out.”

The inauguration of “The Blue Coalition” was attended by dignitaries including Mr Ernest Etim Bassey Jnr, Senior Special Assistant on Security to the Governor of Cross River State, Mrs Justina Ovat, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Cross River State and General Manager of Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, as well as Pastor Lawrence Akpata, Head Pastor of Grace Consulate.

Members of National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) and representatives of Youth Groups mainly constituted the audience at the inauguration ceremony.

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