Building Trust into any Relationship – Marriage Program for Couples

Building Trust into any Relationship – Marriage Program for Couples
Trust is a basic ingredient in any relationship, yet it cannot be taken for granted. In any relationship you are, you sure want to be trusted. and the only way to be so is to endeavour to make yourself perceived as a trustworthy person. This is the most you can do. You cannot force a person to trust you. That is their decision to make.

However, you can eliminate any action that would make a person or group of persons lose confidence in you. You cannot force being trusted down anyone’s throat, but you can become a trustworthy person whom others can rely on and count upon, especially in time of difficulties, or moments when you need to show that the relationship is important to you.

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Not meant to steal the shine off Augusta Oloke, a writer and poet, and a friend of LinCornellah’s blog. She shares here her reflections on the importance of trust in relationships, especially in marriage.

Please read her thoughts below:

Love is sweet when naturally nurtured and cared for; it turns sour when there is hurt and bitterness.

Instead, trust heals. It helps to build strong relationships with your partner, parents, children, families and friends.

A lack of trust in a relationship, especially in marriage, is the beginning of a painful journey. Financial disputes and other forms of disagreements begin to rear their heads.

Rather, trust opens the way to a happy relationship and helps to sustains rough path leading to a long lasting relationship.

With understanding, financial problems can be managed and handled properly.

Trust is key and is a leading value in any healthy relationship. This will make your relationship with your spouse, children and loved ones, happier and merrier.

Augusta Oloke
Writer and Poet



Grab this Marriage Program for you and your spouse or refer a couple to us. This program is great for married couples as well as would-be couples, people who are dating.

 Marriage Program for Couples

Issues are treated confidentially. In reality, we do not focus on issues but on the individual person and on the couple as individuals coming together, and what they can do to understand themselves better and each begin a journey of inner transformation where they begin to see themselves differently.

The program will look at individual philosophies, belief systems, understanding of money, self-esteem issues, individual vision, and so much more.

The program will set your marriage on a path, where both of you would not want to return to the old ways and routines.

You will learn that you both have all it takes to take your marriage to the great heights you desire, where you truly become a loving couple that fuels each other’s life mission and vision. The joy of that is something you would never want to lose again.

You can design your marriage to be exactly what you want it. All you both need is alignment of values and beliefs. And that is where we come in.

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