“A Lot of Youths Are Actually Lazy”, says UNICAL student

“A Lot of Youths Are Actually Lazy”, says UNICAL student
Victor Egba, a student of Faculty of Law in the University of Calabar (UNICAL), has stated that although Nigerian youths are very industrious, “a lot of youths are actually lazy”. He stated this yesterday, during an award ceremony organized for winners of a Facebook video contest tagged: “If I were the Governor of my State”.

The competition was organized by “Cross River Leadershift 2019”, a platform of John Upan Odey Jnr, author, banker, philanthropist, politician and aspirant for nomination as a Gubernatorial candidate in Cross River State, under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Victor Egba emerged second in that competition. He received a cash prize of 30 thousand naira for that feat and seized the opportunity of yesterday’s event to comment on President Mohammadu Buhari’s reported description of Nigerian youths as “lazy”. He said: “The President was making a deductive statement. He must have been making reference to a particular instance. I am not trying to defend the President but the statement came out too generalized. If he had specified clearly what he meant by that, Nigerians would not have been reacting the way they are reacting.”


Edward Abang (standing left), Victor Egba (standing right) and another contestant in the competition.

“I think Nigerian youths are very industrious. We do a lot of things together. We just need a better platform to express ourselves. Basically, I must say, if we must be very objective, a lot of youths are actually lazy. I think he meant lazy because we are not taking leadership serious. ‘Lazy’ because we are always sitting behind in the comfort of our homes, on our keypads, on our phones, complaining on the social media.”

Victor Egbai added that some youths are unnecessarily obsequious. He decried this situation and enjoined them to be proactive. He said: “This idea behind a lot of youths saying ‘oga I am loyal’ or ‘anything for your boys’, could actually be the motivation behind why the President might have thought or anybody might deduce that Nigerian youths are lazy. I think basically, Nigerian youths are not lazy. This is a wakeup call to us to know that it is time we don’t just complain. We should think and we should act.”

Similarly, Edward Abang, a student of UNICAL and first prized winner of the competition, enjoined Nigerian Youths to actively participate in competitions that hone their leadership skills, adding that Leadershift’s Facebook video contest is a credible platform for such participation. He attributed his success at the competition to the “likes” that he received from his Facebook friends as well as the output from his research work on the needs of the citizenry.

Edward Abang received a cash price of 50 thousand naira as reward for his success.

Organizers of season 1 of “If I were the Governor of my State” stated that the competition offers an opportunity to “understand what goes on in the mind of our youths and encourage them to become good leaders. It will afford us the opportunity to know our future leaders and know how well they understand their environment”.

Criteria for scoring contestants included: Problem solving technique (30 points); Fluency (20 points); Clarity (5 points); Compusure (5 points); Social media “likes” (20 points) and Judges discretion (20 points).

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