BBNaija Latest: Cee-C Manhandled on Arrival in Nigeria

BBNaija Latest: Cee-C Manhandled on Arrival in Nigeria
Cee-C, 1st runner up at the just concluded Season 3 of BBNaija reality television show was reportedly attacked by angry fans yesterday, when she arrived Nigeria from South Africa, venue of the show.


Cee-C, 1st runner up, BBNaija

Nigerian Eye reports that: “The ugly situation started when several fans were booing Cee-C immediately she arrived. She was also attacked with bruises to her arms and elbows as the security bundled her into a waiting vehicle.”

Although Cee-C emerged second in that contest, she was often involved in outbursts and rants in the Big Brother Naija House. For instance, she harshly criticized the traditional dress that was given to her to wear, when contestants on the show were required to wear clothes that represent various parts of Nigeria. Cee-C’s dress on that occasion is known as “Onyonyo”. It is associated with the people of Calabar, in Cross River State.

Cee-C described the dress as “nonsense”, “rubbish” and proceeded to redesign it from its original free flowing style to just a top. PayPorte, sponsors of the show stated that Cee-C’s action was an insult to their brand.

Outside the House,  the paramount ruler of Calabar Municipality in Cross River State and royal father of the Quas, His Royal Majesty Ndidem Patrick Inok Oqua Agbor V expressed disappointment at Cee-C’s action and called for her disqualification from the show.

He mentioned in the “Hit Breakfast Show” on HIT 95.9 FM Calabar that: “Cutting our ‘onyonyo’ into a blouse, let me call it so, is really an embarrassment to us…. I would not want to delve much into the issue of bastardization of the culture. But I would only tell the organizers of the Big Brother to disqualify that kind of lady who could not listen to instruction to be able to contest.”

Cee-C’s seemingly  hot temperament  was equally on display when she poured insults at Tobi, a fellow Housemate who eventually emerged as 2nd runner up in the contest. She alleged on that occasion that Tobi had gossiped about her. Therefore, she ranted endlessly about it and told Tobi that he is not a man.

Tobi stayed quiet and calm, despite the provocative words from Cee-C.

In reaction to that incident, Diana Mary Owan, presenter of “The Voice of Eve” on Hit 95.9 FM Calabar said on her program last Sunday that: “Women, if you are listening to me, please don’t ever demean a man to that level. Look, there is a lot of wisdom in silence. Sometimes let us just allow people be judges of the matter.” 

“Let people judge the matter. I mean, when you tell a man, ‘are you a man?’ And she said ‘look, Ebuka is a man.’ You know what I mean? I’m like, in my mind, that was heartbreaking. I felt a sore in my mind. Let us not get into a habit of comparing men.”

Also, Maurice Inok stated today on “The Hit Breakfast Show” a program of Hit 95.9 FM Calabar, that the anger that is being shown towards Cee-C is “an African thing”.

He added that in traditional settings; “when you disregard somebody, if you disrespect your in-law, they would treat you as an outcast…. It is the way we are made.”

Therefore, he asked: “Who gave you the mind, who gave you the audacity, who gave you the impetus that you would be able to just talk to someone created in the image and likeness of God like that? Why? Because you feel because the person should be dating you and the person is not?”

Ukay, co-anchor of “The Hit Breakfast Show” responded that: “No be so na! When you asked ‘who gave you the impetus, who gave you the audacity’, when you look at examples you would find out that it seems like those ones who have this kind of impetus or guts are the ones that are ruling the world.”

“The Donald Trump example … so many brash and very insensitive people are in top positions. So it seems like that is the applauded behavior. So, when you see the younger generation learning, we are learning from people that we see. So, let us not reward this across all the strata.”

While Maurice Inok submitted that Cee-C “got what she deserves”, Ukay concluded that: “Lots of people out there would love her and hug her. I think she needs love and she can change, with loving correction.”

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