“Apologize to Nigerian Youths”- Prince Edward Tells PMB

“Apologize to Nigerian Youths”- Prince Edward Tells PMB
Special Adviser to the Governor of Cross River State on Youth Affairs, Prince Godswill Edward Osim, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to apologize to Nigerian Youths over a statement credited to him to the effect that Nigerian Youths are lazy.

He made the call today in Calabar during an interactive session with some Online Journalists, when he paid a courtesy visit to their secretariat. Prince Edward cited himself as a youth who has fared successfully in leadership positions, entrepreneurship and philanthropy right from his undergraduate years, stating that he got self employed immediately after graduation and created jobs for several unemployed persons who are still under his employ.


Prince Edward makes a point, flanked on his right hand side by Hope Obeten, Chairman, Association of Cross River Online Journalists

Therefore, he said: “A man would not come and tell me that I am lazy. I have seen young people who are creating dimensions for themselves…. All of you are young people. There is no job, but jobs have been created. Use what you have to get what you want. President Buhari is an elder Statesman. He is the President of Nigeria. As diplomat that I am, I have the duty and training to constantly protect the interest of Nigeria. I have the training also to respect my elders.”

“There are issues that I would not join. But I am proud to say that Cross Riverians, Nigerians, we the blacks are hardworking people. We have not been given the right environment to function. But we have created something out of that environment. We are doing well. Mr President, the Youths of Nigeria deserve an apology from you.”

It would be recalled that during a business function held in the United Kingdom last Wednesday, President Buhari reportedly said that Nigerian Youths “do nothing” and want “everything for free”.

Reacting further to this, Prince Edward said that as leader and father of Nigeria, President Buhari is obliged to constantly talk to young people and encourage them that there is a future, even when things may look gloomy. He regretted that: “We have a leader who does not speak to us. We have a leader who does not encourage us. There is a failed leadership.”

Prince Edward used the opportunity of the interactive session to highlight his achievements in office as Special Adviser on Youth Affairs, stating that he mentors several youths and does a lot of public speaking at youth fora, particularly in Cross River State. According to him, he has successfully organized sporting and poetry competitions for youths, in addition to grooming talented dancers for competitions at international arenas. He mentioned that he uses his personal resources to accomplish most of his official assignments.

The Special Assistant on Youth Affairs also announced that he is making consultations, in a bid to vie for election into the Federal House of Representatives. He belongs to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and intends to represent Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency.

Prince Edward said that he has passion for youths and realizes that unemployment is a big challenge for youths, especially in his constituency where communal conflict is rife.


A cross section of online Journalists at the interactive session with Prince Edward

He said that he has empathy for those youths and submitted that: “You need an insider to solve the problems inside. An outsider would not know the problem. You need somebody who belongs in that bracket. Every opportunity is an opportunity given to me to leave a legacy. I should be able to leave a legacy. I should be able to leave good records.”

“Leadership is not  a position. Leadership is the person. You can be President, but you are not presiding. You can be Governor, but you are not governing. You can be a House of Representatives Member, but you are not representing. You can be a Senator, but you are not taking care of your Senatorial District. But you can be a Headmaster and you have leadership in you…. You cannot learn leadership in leadership. You learn leadership ahead  of time. You live your dream.”

On that note, he said that he has been practicing leadership as a natural gift and intends to use the House of Representatives to further show that he has perfected that gift.

Prince Edward is popularly called “Prince 7” within the Calabar social circuit. He is ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s son-in-law.

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