“Money is a Game with Rules” says Co-Founder, Millionaire Maker

“Money is a Game with Rules” says Co-Founder, Millionaire Maker
“Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” is a popular game show that airs on the network service of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). That programme has strict rules for its participants. Various sums of money are won by participants who abide by the programme’s rules, while answering questions posed by the presenter.

The programme has produced several millionaires since it started airing in 2004. Nobody has ever won anything on that programme, without adhering to rules.

In a similar vein, Oladimeji Olutimehin, co-founder of Millionaire Maker Nigeria Limited, has stated that, “Money is a game with rules”. He says: “To master the game of money, you will need to know the rules and also play by the rules.”

Oladimeji is known as “Coach Dimeji” in the Millionaire Maker circles. He had a chat with me in Akure, Ondo State, where his organisation’s headquarters is located. Coach Dimeji explained in that chat that Millionaire Maker teaches people the rules of money as a game, as well as how to play the game. He said: “We picked out the rules from playing monopoly”.

According to him,  Millionaire Maker “guides people to grow and be all they can be and earn all they can earn.”

Please read details of that engaging chat:

What is Millionaire Maker all about?

Coach Dimeji: We are in the business of helping people grow personally so they can become all they can be and earn all they can earn. We believe that people can become whatever they want to become if they will just seek to grow. The only guarantee that the future will be better for them is if they invest in their growth today.

Growth is hard at the start, messy in the middle and exciting and rewarding at the end. Of course, there is no end to growth. Your potential is huge and you will always continue to grow into it. Whenever you stop growing, you stagnate and everything begins to decompose and deteriorate.

What inspired you to set up the Millionaire Maker company?

Coach Dimeji: I always had the desire to help people realize their potential and dreams. So on my birthday in 2017, I decided to start teaching people how they can earn all they can earn on WhatsApp. It was really fun teaching.

My parents had challenges with money and I knew that many families are also going through the same. I remembered how my mum really suffered lack. The cause of it was ignorance of how money works.

I decided then also that I have to teach women how to be financially free, rich and fulfilled. I started a second WhatsApp group I called, Millionaire Woman.

From then on it became easy to identify niches and begin to teach about money and how to create it. Millionaire Employee, Millionaire Student and Millionaire Corper quickly followed.

When I saw that the business model was working and generating income for me, I partnered with Lami Shata-George and brought them all under one business we called Millionaire Maker Nigeria Limited.

What inspired us is really the financial challenges people go through as a result of financial ignorance.

Records suggest that most of Nigeria’s millionaire millions are sitting idle in banks, mostly in foreign banks, while the general citizenry suffer abject poverty. How would Millionaire Maker change this scenario for the benefit of Nigeria?

Coach Dimeji: People need to know the difference between wealth and money. Nigerians don’t know this, that is why they are in endless pursuit of money and never really have enough of it.

The poor are constantly in hot pursuit of money. So, they chase it into the trap that the rich person has set. The poor are the ones making the rich rich, just as poor nations are the ones that make rich nations richer at their own expense.

All the money in foreign accounts cannot be compared with the ones in the minds of Nigerians that has not yet been tapped. Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think. If we are poor, it is not because our monies are kept in foreign account but because we do not think.

Where there are problems there are great opportunities to make money. And there are plenty of problems in Nigeria. At Millionaire Maker, we want people to know that if they can just think, they will create wealth and wealth is the producer of money.

Chasing money does not bring wealth, thinking does. And thinking is the hardest and highest paid work anyone can engage in. The richest three persons in the world are richer than the whole nations in Africa. They used their mind to think.

Thinking is a lost art in Africa. And when we restore it back, then we will create wealth and create jobs.

How right is it to assume that you would change to “Billionaire Maker” after achieving your goals with “Millionaire Maker”?

Coach Dimeji: Everything is possible. To become a billionaire, all it will take is to consistently solve the problems of tens of millions of people or even billions all over the world. The internet has even made it a lot easier, but our belief systems and cultural systems makes it tough for people to be rich.

Our culture is naturally one that has behaviors or habit that are poverty prone. If one doesn’t change their belief system and continues to conform to certain cultural demands and ways of thinking, that person will perpetually find themselves in lack.

Our culture celebrates waste of time and resources. Some of the cultural rules were set by people who made a vow to poverty. They were not wiser than us. Yet, here we are being controlled by them long after they have died.

Millionaire Maker works with people to help them break their belief system and install new money operating system that will disrupt the culture-scape they find themselves in. Its own vision is that Nigeria will have billionaires who use their creativity and innovation rather than connections with government or in oil and gas.

What level of impact do you hope to make in Nigeria?

Coach Dimeji: We are audacious. We want to first of all build one of the greatest workplaces in the black world by 2025. A place where everyone will desire to work in. That way we will be able to reverse the brain drain that has been happening in the nation. We will attract top talents to Nigeria and also develop great ones here.

Secondly, we want to also be a catalyst for business creation, innovation and growth. Students graduate in geometric while jobs creation are at best arithmetic. We are sitting on a time bomb that will cause an implosion in our nation if not addressed.

These graduates will seek for employment in a short while and may likely become violent and take to vices if they don’t find gainful employment that meets their needs. There is a gap already. We want to serve that need. We want to catalyze businesses of the future that will create both wealth and jobs.

We want to make a ding on Nigeria. We are crazy enough to believe that we will make Nigeria great by 2025. And we have come to know that those who are crazy enough to have such an audacious dream are the ones who actually make it happen. We are coming at Nigeria from different angles and we are targeting the attitude, mindset, beliefs and habits of people.


This book is now in the market.

What is your reaction to people who gamble or join ponzi schemes in their search for money?

We sympathize with people who have experienced Ponzi schemes and we know they are weary of any such schemes. Fortunately for us, we are not a money making venture. We are in the business of personal growth and financial education.

We believe that greed is the reason why people fall into Ponzi schemes. And greed only happens when people don’t invest in the growth and expansion of their minds.

We believe that honest money is not quick but comes slowly. Quick money whet your greed. If you believe that you will be rich you won’t be in a hurry. You will take your time. We want people to invest in their growth and learn about money.

Money is a game with rules. To master the game of money you will need to know the rules and also play by the rules. We teach people what those rules are and how to play it. We picked out the rules from playing monopoly.

Greedy people are simply those in the rat race. Get out of the rat race and create wealth. That is what Nigeria needs.

Oladimeji Olutimehin has published several books including The Wealthy Woman, which he wrote with Linda Ellah, co-owner of LinCornellah’s blog.

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