Reaching the Unreached – Moving into Your Unknown Self

-To Reach the Unreached – Moving from the Known into Your Unknown Self-
As a teenager, I once came across a phrase which read: “To reach the unreached” and since then it got stuck on my mind. It inspired me to want to go to new places and reach out to the world out there.

This became part of my missionary drive to encounter the world and reach out to new ideas, new places and new opportunities for growth and higher achievements. That drive has still not died down till date.

This desire led me into the missionary life of a consecrated person and I did get to reach the unreached, evangelizing across Africa, witnessing to the Lord Jesus.

To me, reaching the unreached meant several things; go to new lands and deliver the mission, and reach out to people who have not known Christ.

In a simpler way it also means to me that I need to keep rediscovering myself, my passion and whatever calling I receive to fulfill my life’s mission. Growth never ends. Reaching the unreached parts of your very own self is a journey that never ends.

“Reaching the unreached” is a phrase that also arouses curiosity. It means moving from the known to what is unknown.

You think you know yourself? No! There are parts of you waiting to be reached. Explore your gifts and talents; reach out for your potentials waiting to be unleashed.

Or have you reached a point where you no longer have any sense of curiosity? Have you become lethargic and unenthusiastic for new knowledge, wisdom and growth?

As kids growing up, we were curious and wanted to know stuff. We asked our parents questions and bombarded them all the time, seeking to understand issues.

As people become adults, what happens? Complacency and crowd-mentality enters in. People no longer ask questions. You flow with the crowd and no longer seek to know.

When you meet someone who has made some achievements, it is important that you ask the person how they attained their success. You may not do exactly what the person has done, but the knowledge and the ideas can be taken and applied in some other way so that you too can achieve something great.

Without curiosity how can one be innovative and creative?

Without curiosity how would you feel that your life can be much more than it currently is?

Without a continuing zest for life you would not bother to go beyond your comfort zone to achieve greater heights in life.

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Just don’t be satisfied with where you are.
Seek to reach the unreached!
You can be that Great Person
You’ve always thought you could be.

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