“Your Silence is their Power” – Mrs Edang Ekpo Bassey Tells Electorate

“Your Silence is their Power” – Mrs Edang Ekpo Bassey Tells Electorate
A lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, Cross River University of Technology, Mrs Edang Yolanda Ekpo Bassey, has told the electorate in Nigeria that their silence empowers those who manipulate the electoral process as well as those who abuse elective offices.

She conveyed this and other messages for social change through posters, in her capacity as owner of a literacy enterprise known as INKPLAY! and one of the Directors of another literacy enterprise known as MorphGen.

A message powered by INKPLAY! states:
“Tired of bad government?
No Siddon Look!

It adds:
“Your Silence Is Their Power!”
“Register Today!”
“Get Your PVC!”

Similarly, a message powered by INKPLAY! and MorphGen educates the electorate on their rights, using the Independent National Electoral Commission’s PVC (Permanent Voter’s Card) as an acronym for: “Prepare”, “Vote” and “Count”.

In this vein, the message urges the electorate to prepare for the 2019 general elections by:

  • Registering to vote
  • Getting their permanent voter’s card
  • Knowing the political parties
  • Knowing the candidates and
  • Asking relevant questions.

The message also enjoins the electorate to vote wisely during elections and ensure that their votes are protected from rigging, after elections.

It says “good government comes from those who vote”. The message reminds eligible voters that voter registration is ongoing at Independent National Electoral Commission’s offices near them.

Mrs Edang Ekpo Bassey told LinCornellah’s blog that she recently needed to create a social message for academic purposes and decided to tweak it into the two posters. She added that:

“The time of sitting on the fence and complaining about government but failing to do the needful to get a good one is past. Our silence empowers those providing bad government to continue…. People should get their PVCs and let their thumbs do the talking during elections.”

Ekpo Bassey

Know and protect your rights!

Mrs Edang Yolanda Ekpo Bassey is wife of Comrade Bassey Ekpo Bassey, a nationally–acclaimed revolutionary and a former Chairman of Calabar Municipality. He is a renowned journalist and once contested as a Gubernatorial aspirant in Cross River State in 1991, on the platform of the now defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP).

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