Sunday Oliseh Wins Case Against Fortuna Sittard

Sunday Oliseh Wins Case Against Fortuna Sittard                                          The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) tribunal has ruled that second division club Fortuna Sittard must pay their suspended Nigerian coach Sunday Oilseh part of his salary as compensation.

Oliseh was put on non-active by the club on 14 February. According to Fortuna there was talk of culpable and inadmissible behavior.

The KNVB arbitration committee however also ruled that Fortuna does not have to return the Nigerian coach as a coach – a development Fortuna is claiming as victory.

Carlos Barros, Oliseh’s agent, has however dismissed the victory claims of Fortuna Sittard. “It is indicative of the rudeness of Isitan Gün”, says Barros in conversation with 1Limburg. “He is now pretending to win the issue, just as he wanted to make it happen that there was a disrupted employment relationship.”

In the ruling, the KNVB finds it strange that Oliseh’s contract was extended in May 2017, while there were doubts about the Nigerian within the club. The KNVB also says that Fortuna is also guilty of the feud.

“By flaunting now and reassuring himself that Oliseh is not coming back, is ironic to say the least, if he had wanted to discuss the dismissal with us as professional clubs do, this entire circus would have been unnecessary”, according to Barros.

According to Barros, Fortuna was looking forward to ending their relationship with Oliseh without any severance payment. “Greedy and disrespectful, the Arbitration Board fortunately looked through the case and issued a severance payment to my client – clear evidence that Sunday won this case”.

“I’m delighted at the ruling and the most important thing for me in the judgment was that it was stated that they did not find anywhere that I was a bad employee,” Oliseh told CSN shortly after he left the tribunal. “The judgment came like an hour ago; it’s a 20-page judgment. My assistant coaches will also be compensated.

“The Federation gave the President of Fortuna Sittard (Isitan Gun) one week to pay me the compensation or to withdraw the request to terminate my contract. If he does withdraw it means he will pay more that the stipulated compensation fee.”

Oliseh however did not reveal the amount he will be compensated with. Dutch media outfit 1Limburg reports that it is about 90,000 euros gross.

In another development, reports that Oliseh will sue the President of Fortuna Sittard for damages in the coming weeks.


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