Blame “Neither Broom nor Umbrella” – Okoi Ibor

Neither Broom nor Umbrella

Mr Okoi Ibor Ibor, Special Assistant, Special Duties to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, has stated that Nigeria’s leading political parties “are not responsible for the political misfortunes” of the country.

He stated this yesterday on his Facebook timeline, in a post titled: “Neither Broom Nor Umbrella”.

While a bunch of broom is a symbol that represents the All Progressives Congress (APC), an umbrella is a symbol of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).  Those two are Nigeria’s leading political parties. The APC is the country’s ruling political party while the PDP is the leading opposition party.

Rather than blame these parties and others, Mr Ibor blames the electorate for the country’s “political misfortunes”.

Please read details of his insightful post below:

“Two equally important objects, a bundle of broom and an umbrella, representing the two leading or outstanding political parties in Nigeria, the APC and the PDP respectively are not responsible for the political misfortunes of our country. As important as one is, so is the other, either the objects or the parties.”

“Significantly, a broom symbolizes cleanliness, togetherness and strength. Furthermore, it guarantees the security of the environment and the survival of the people with regard to their health. And an umbrella, on the other hand, symbolizes shelter and protection — protection against the elements. Between the two, the broom is stronger, more often used, and of far greater value than the umbrella. But the question is, do the political parties represented by the objects really function like them? Capital NO!”

“IF IT WERE SO, one would have expected the government of the day represented by a broom to be both the security and the hope of Nigerians. But what is rather experienced now is a Dream Deferred, and very sadly, it is not certain when that dream will be realized, especially as the broom cannot be relied upon anymore. Like a fruitless tree which, neither its bark nor leaves are useful, is cut down, I don’t see the sense in engaging in a more critical consideration to allow the broom to continue to be.”

“Our problem today neither stems from the symbolic objects nor from the political parties they represent. The problem is we, the electorate. Our inability to distinguish between what is and what ought to be — our inability to know who can lead and who cannot — our failure to divorce ethnic sentiments or prejudices from our body politics. Furthermore, it is our gullibility and or our irrational appreciation of sophistry which makes us fall easy prey to political demagogues.”

“Therefore, the time to put on our thinking caps is now. I mean we the electorate. The power to deliver ourselves from our present misfortune is in our hands. Like Francis Bacon puts it : ” chiefly the mould of man’s fortune is in his own hands.” The year, 2019, smells very closely and strongly. Neither object nor party should decide. Once beaten, twice shy. Let us be wise. NTUKPAKOI, NDELEKOI!”

Akpama Emmanuel Sampson, one of those who commented on that post, wrote: “NTUKPAKOI NDELEKOI: Let he that hears, comprehend”.

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