“Anybody that Sleeps has a Weak Point”, says “Mama Boko Haram”

“Anybody that Sleeps has a Weak Point”, says “Mama Boko Haram”
Human rights activist, Mrs Aisha Wakil, popularly known as Mama Boko Haram, has stated that she is capable of having dialogue with all members of the Boko Haram Islamic group regardless of their separate factions because they are all human beings and “anybody that sleeps has a weak point”.

She stated this yesterday on “Focus Nigeria”, a programme of AIT Television station.

Aisha Wakil disclosed that Boko Haram has been infiltrated by all sorts of people, including armed robbers and Ritualists.  She stated that: “The whole thing now become mixed salad. You cannot pick out carrot from cabbage…. All of a sudden all of them started saying we are Boko Haram, we are against western education. The whole thing became confusion. So we no longer know the ones we are dealing with….. We no longer know who is boko haram and who is not boko haram. Everybody is killing everybody. Government doesn’t know who is who anymore.”

Despite this proliferation, Aisha Wakil said that she has access to all the groups. According to her, “if a woman has fourteen kids and seven of them are bad, would you just allow the seven who are bad to go away? You would leave the seven and chase the bad ones. So I am not leaving anybody. I don’t need government to appoint me a negotiator or whatever. I have been doing my work and the way I do it, I don’t tell people what I do. I know how to reach out. I know what I am doing. I know what to talk, what to do, where to go. They would listen. Those groups … are they not all human beings?”

She answered that “They are all human beings. Anybody that sleeps has a weak point. I tell people, ‘they pray to God, Allah. What are we doing? Are we not praying to God, the same God, Allah? If they can pray to God, Allah, what is delaying us from praying to God, Allah? Is Allah a confusionist? No.'”

“The same Allah they pray to, the same Allah we will pray to and He would touch their hearts. They are not devils. If they are devils, you cannot dialogue with devils. They are human beings. We dialogue with human beings and I see them as human beings. I can talk to all of them and they are listening. They pick everything. They know everything. What I am saying right now they are listening, they are reading. They would come and tell me, you said this and you said that.”

Speaking on the role of politicians in the sustenance of violent activities by members of Boko Haram, Aisha Wakil said: “…Politicians are human beings, snakes with seven heads, seven tails, you can never know what they are capable of doing. So any slight opportunity like this, they strike. They use it a lot. They are not allowing the boys.”

“Because the boys would tell me ‘mama we want to come out. But mama, those behind us, those behind us’.  ‘Who are those people? Give me names’. They would not give me names. They would just say ‘mama, you are here fighting for peace. Just keep going. Insha allah peace would come. But those behind us they would not allow us to come out’”.

“I don’t know if those that have been arrested by government would be able to tell government who those people are. If they can get hold of those people and ask them ‘why are you doing this? Would you just release these boys to come out?’ They would tell them something. They would stop.”

Aisha Wakil stated on Focus Nigeria that although she is from the East of Nigeria, she is now from the northern part of the country by virtue of her marriage to a Kanuri man, from Borno State. She said “I  am enjoying what I am doing because I am helping people and saving lives. Pleading for peace is part of me.”

She enjoined the Federal government to be sincere and serious in negotiations with members of Boko Haram, stating that: “They are not comfortable living in the bush. They want peace. Their only demand is that government should not kill them. They don’t know what is in stock for them if they come out. So they need that assurance…. “

Aisha Wakil is a legal practitioner, just like her husband.

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