“Millionaires are not Our Problem”: CRUTECH Lecturer Reacts to Senatorial Aspirant

“Millionaires are not Our Problem” –  CRUTECH Lecturer Reacts to Senatorial Aspirant’s Blueprint
Would Nigeria fare better than its current state if more millionaires are made? Mrs Edang Yolanda Ekpo Bassey, a lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication in Cross River University of Technology, does not think so. Rather, she posits that the country would fare better than it is currently doing if there are good “ideas and people that will work for the benefit of the majority”.

She stated this position today in a Whatsapp message sent to LinCornellah‘s blog in reaction to an economic blueprint announced by Anthony Bisong Attah, an aspirant for election into Nigeria’s Senate. Anthony Attah announced in that blueprint that he desires to raise 66 millionaires in Cross River State’s Central Senatorial District, if he gets elected to the Senate.

Here is Mrs Ekpo Bassey‘s reaction to that blueprint:

“This sounds very good! Only: Nigeria is full of millionaires yet most of the general citizenry cannot meet their basic daily needs or suffer great poverty.
Records show most of our millionaire’s millions are sitting in banks. Mostly in foreign countries.

Setting up animal ranches and bringing in experts to teach locals animal husbandry is an awesome idea … But what about indigenous, traditional farming? Why not upgrade the known for maximal yield – through mechanized farming and such? The land mass for it clearly exists.

And even as animal husbandry will be encouraged, remember that cocoa is a high-yielding cash crop, CRS has large cocoa farms and yet the millions being made from the cocoa is not being made by our cocoa farmers.

Because we have remained producers and not morphed into manufacturers.

All our lives would improve if instead of selling off and ‘eating’ our cocoa we added value to it by processing it into some of its many consumable and medicinal by-products and then sold *those* to wider, more competitive and more rewarding markets local *and* foreign.

Why must we remain a large *producer* of crude oil only to be importing petrol and other byproducts?

Animal husbandry is great but not the answer. What we need are factories. Industries where our people can be employed in droves and paid good wages. Where our children in tertiary institutions worldwide can show what a little 21st century innovation can yield (many of their ideas are rotting untested). Where sustainable jobs will yield enough money for infrastructure that everybody will benefit from. Where income that will greatly improve our standard of living can be sustainably generated. Where our farm produce that rot away in heaps can be converted into less perishable forms

66+ millionaires are fine … But what about the remaining millions of people?

Millionaires are not our problem … Our problem is ideas and people that will work for the benefit of the majority.

One non-millionaire’s indigenous alternative power invention can solve the entire constituency’s power needs … But only if just one millionaire is prepared to put his/her money to work by taking the risk.

I’d love to be a millionaire but of what service to humanity is it if that’s all I am: a millionaire?

By the way .. Bill Gates is not a Nigerian.”

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