The Square Box of Your Life – Doing What it Takes (Part 3)

The Square Box of Your Life – Doing What it Takes (Part 3)
In addition to Part 1 and Part 2 of this comes this final piece.

Fun time – Try this: Take a square-shaped card board or paper. Look at the middle of the card or paper and imagine the big round shape you can get out of it. Now, get an object that will help you draw the round shape in the middle of the paper or card.

Then cut out the round piece from it. What do you notice? Did you notice that you had to cut and leave out some parts of the square card in order to arrive at the well-rounded shape?

There it is! That is the idea! That if you are to arrive at your mission and purpose in life, the process of doing so will involve CUTTING OFF THE EXTRAS, and the excesses that do not go in line with what you want to achieve..

These include those aspects of your lifestyle, habits, tendencies, ways of thinking (mindsets), beliefs and philosophies acquired from childhood, and associations with people that do not add any value to the goals you are focused on achieving.

Of course, if in truth you are not focused on your goals, you will not see how these aspects pull you back. You would not want to lay these things aside as they are there to whet your ego.

Your ego and social status may look boosted socially, but within you there is this feeling of emptiness and stagnation. No progress. No ambition to work at and achieve.

Many of us are living our daily life this way; making no progress, but putting up a face to others as though everything is just fine. That’s a charade, and self-deception.

The results of pretense of well-being and not taking the trouble to pursue your God-given mission on earth will in no time begin to stare at you in the face. When it does, you may look for people to blame. But you know what, blame is sham!

Every single time we blame, complain or give excuses, there is something about that issue that we usually would need to attend to in relation to ourselves, something to change, correct or improve. It is about taking responsibility for one’s life.

God has done his part. Our part is to take full responsibility over our lives as adults. When we take responsibility for our lives, we will find that blaming is only a pushing of that responsibility over to something or someone else. You have no one to blame, just do what you need to do, period!

Dangote does not sit down and blame the economy. He gets up and does everyday what he needs to do, and puts money into his pocket. So do many successful persons in our country. They step up and do what they need to do; doing what they love, adding value to society, and EARNING their income.

This does not refer to those who steal money from public coffers, not those who oppress and defraud, not those who become millionaires without adding any value to society. No!

Success here, means to me, people who are taking the time, taking the trouble and taking up the challenges needed to WORK CONSISTENTLY towards their life’s mission and vision DAILY. This process is already the definition of success. Are you among this 1% of people?

What is your vision in life? From your inner core, what would you define as your calling, your mission in life? Do you know it? Are you in touch with it? Are you working at it? Are you focused on it, or you are distracted by a lifestyle lived for years that takes you nowhere?

The work towards that begins today by identifying what your life task is, focusing on it and working it out DAILY. This is irrespective of what others may think or say.

You bother too much about what people think and say. Yet, whatever you do or don’t do, they will still talk. So, why not just get about doing what you really love doing and filling up that space which is really your unique place in the world?

Are you INTERESTED or COMMITTED to following your life’s goals and dreams? Are you afraid to leave aside those friends that add no value to your dreams? Then you are not yet ready to pursue your life’s goals and dreams.

You are only interested in pursuing the dreams, but not committed to it. As John Assaraf recalls about what Mr Alan Brown said to him at the age of 19,

“…If you are INTERESTED, you will do what is convenient. You will believe your stories and excuses, and you will continue to be a victim of your current reality and circumstances. You will come up with all the reasons why you CAN’T achieve those goals and that is what you will be focused on for the rest of your life.”

“…The big difference is if you’re COMMITTED, you will do whatever it takes. You will start today to let go of your stories, your excuses, your reasons why you’re achieving your certain results right now and why you can’t achieve any of those goals and dreams….”

“If you are committed you will upgrade your knowledge, …you will upgrade your skills… you will figure out everyday how you CAN ACHIEVE those goals and why you MUST….”

This is what you need to do to become that round shape in a round hole, perfectly fitted. Not a misfit in the world. Your lifestyle, habits, tendencies, ways of thinking (mindsets), beliefs and philosophies, and associations with peoples are the areas you need to review and audit to know what to throw out.

Fitting perfectly into your place in the universe is one sure way to live a happy and fulfilled life. If you have followed your life’s goals and dreams, then at old age, you will not regret not having lived to your purpose. But if you have only lived the life of a conformist in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, then you can be sure that regrets await you ahead.

That you are not happy with what you are currently referring to as your job, career or work is a sign that you have not found your place.

Fitting perfectly into your place is very much within your reach. However, it means taking full responsibility over your life, controlling your destiny through your choices and decisions made today.

Interestingly, this is something we usually would rather delegate to the government, to an employer, to some circumstance, some story and other excuses.

One way to even begin to see where you are in this entire journey is to open yourself to new ideas and new ways of thinking that challenge your mindsets and beliefs about yourself, your world and every situation you get in contact with.

Without this you will not be able to even identify which areas you need to grow. You will not know and admit that you need to change. Many resist change.

Nothing would change if you do not make certain changes and become more receptive to new and healthy ideas that build and empower you from within.

Feed your mind. Read books, listen to videos and audios of persons who have made a great journey in life and business. When your mind is fed healthily with positive and empowering thoughts and ideas, it guides you on what needs to be done.

Invest in your personal development and financial education. Participate in personal growth seminars, coaching programs and courses. With new learning, you will begin to find what truly resonates with you, and you will eventually find your true self and your true place.

So, step out, step up and FIND YOUR UNIQUE PLACE in the universe. Only then will you be truly happy and fulfilled. Become the ROUND SHAPE well fitted into your ROUND HOLE so that you leave the world much better than you met it.

Action Step: Do what it takes – Cut the extras. Feed your mind through reading great books and taking on the practical lessons to become your best self, and doing what you love doing.

Linda Ellah
Twitter: @lin_cornellah
Facebook: Lincornellah


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