The Square Box of Your Life – Your Best Self (Part 2)

The Square Box of Your Life – Your Best Self (Part 2)

The Part 1 of this piece dwelt on seeking out that unique mission and vision that you have to fulfil in your very lifetime. Finding yourself and discovering who you are and understanding your unique place, is where it all begins. You have within you the precious stone you seek elsewhere.

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This piece looks at you as a person and the things you tell yourself. You can do better with what you allow into your mind and the things you think about. Reshaping yourself to fit perfectly into your place in the universe is an essential task that must be undertaken and that brings joy and fulfilment, in spite of the challenges it would entail. Nothing good and worth it comes easy, but the peace, serenity and inner fulfilment it brings is the sign.

So, what have you done with all that God has put into you? Are you aware that you need to fit into your round hole perfectly, which is your unique place in the world, in other to make impact, be joyful, feel fulfilled and leave a great legacy for the next generation?

What is your reality like? Is it that you have become so dependent on relatives, friends and society such that left on your own you would not know what to do with yourself? Isn’t that a waste of God’s power, your intelligence and your potentials?

So, what did becoming an adult mean then if you are, in reality, not taking charge of your life? We can understand that in children, but now as an adult, what excuse do you have not knowing what you are doing with your life? How long will you continue to just flow along with others because it is just what you are used to and it is such a comfort zone?

Mediocrity and stagnation has become your norm, and deep in your heart you know it. However, you rather get more and more distracted with stuff, friends, drinking, partying, meetings and social events so that you do not have to think about it. In the mean time, your life is ebbing away, with regrets waiting in front. Surely, nobody wants this, but that is the path many go.

Would you allow your uniqueness in the universe continue to go unfelt? Why not STEP OUT and STEP UP? Yes, you can!

Note: Yes, you are a social being. Our interconnectedness as human is for certain. No one is saying that you become a loner. No! However, as a social being, you have a unique impact to make. You have a unique task on earth to accomplish. So, have you discovered it?

Surely, you do not even believe in the first place that you have a unique mission and vision to accomplish on earth. Do you? If you believed, you would be doing lots of things differently. You would be spending much of your time differently, focused on your goals.

But no! You need to flow with others so that you are not lost and left behind. You need to sit with them, dress like them, buy the things they buy, speak and think like everyone else and just flow along. Fine! Then, blame no one if you begin to feel that your life is a sham and you do not have any sense of fulfilment. How would you when you are busy doing what others want and have left out mining the precious stone that you are?

You want to know if all these apply to you? Ask yourself: “Am I happy with my life as it is now?” “Am I fulfilled with what I am doing with my life right now?” “Would I love to be doing this 10 years from now?” “In honesty, am I growing and developing myself, my mind, as an individual?”

If your response to any or all of these is a “No”, then we’ve got some thinking and some work to do. Everyone has something in their life to improve, so you are not alone, but our interest here is YOU.

Your self-talk and the words you use daily are keeping you where you are and giving you a false sense of your true self. No one will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. What you tell yourself comes from the things you think about. What you think about comes from what you feed your mind with. Those are the things you believe in. The root for change is, engage your mind to change your beliefs.

Your self-talk are among the many things that keep you from discovering your unique task on earth. These include: “What would people say?”; “What would my friends think of me?”; “I don’t want to look and sound different, joor”; “I don’t want to question the status quo, jare”; “I love my peace, boo”; “Abeg, a ‘bird in hand’ is better for me oh”.

“I have no money to start up my dream business”; “I am not doing badly, biko”; “I am better than ‘so and so’”; “I have enough money in the bank to keep me going for a while”; “I found myself in a poor family, so it is not my fault”.

“I have access to some funds. That does it for now”; “Ebu, don’t I look good for myself?”; “Aki, I don’t have money. Where do I get money?”; “Uuwi, the economy is telling on me!”

Your self-talk needs to get beyond this mediocrity and low perception of yourself, and you can do this through personal growth and development and through equipping yourself with financial knowledge.

A fruitful tree never stops growing and renewing itself. The moment it stops growing, then it stagnates and begins to die. Every living thing living above the ground follows this natural trend – Grow or start dying.

Life is sweet! Nature is beautiful! Your life can be sweet and beautiful. Your life can be whole again. That you are alive means that God and the universe have not given up on you, so YOU CANNOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.

Action Step: Take 5-10 minutes today to think about the kind of person you want to be (as you set out to achieve your future dreams); personal qualities, attitudes, positive and empowering self-talks; and the impact you want to have on others. Write them down.

(To be continued on Part 3)

Linda Ellah
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