The Square Box of Your Life – The Shape (Part 1)

The Square Box of Your Life – Part 1
Are you a square box in a round hole in your life? How well do you fit into your life’s dream? Do you even have a dream at all or you are just there flowing with whatever comes; whatever the days and weeks bring?

Do you even know yourself enough to see in what shape you are in? Do you even understand that you have a life mission and vision to accomplish that is unique to you?

Are you not just existing, gliding through days, weeks and months, and hoping that things will get better? That somehow somehow, between prayers and goodwill from others, something good will come your way? So, you are not truly living but existing and riding on the action plan of others. How far has this taken you?

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Many glide through the surface of this earth not knowing that they have a unique mission and vision to accomplish. Some who think they know this do not believe it deep in their hearts and so do nothing about it.

Note: Your destiny and your mission in life is a nice round hole. But here you are, with time you have taken the shape of a square box. The vicissitudes of life, led by your choices have made you take on shapes (square box and other shapes) that do not allow you to fit into your unique position in the universe.

Are you aware that you have gradually turned yourself into a shape that no longer fits into the round hole? You are no longer able to fit into your God-given round hole of a great future with amazing achievements.

It would be easier to give excuses for this; upbringing, poor background, negative experiences, family challenges. It is also easier to blame the economy, the fluctuation of the currency, lack of employment, a spouse that is not loving and supportive, children who are demanding, a boss who is difficult, your low salary and challenges from colleagues.

Has your life become so wrapped up with friendships, family, work, career such that you have no space and time to sit with yourself and even get to know YOU?

A lot of us are lost in the anxiety of pursuing money, providing for daily bread, seeking affirmation and validation from friends and family members, in time wasting associations such that we keep evading finding that inner person lying deep within us. We do not know how to stand on our own and be our own selves.

Many of us live a life in which it is others who define us; it is others who determine what we do. We look up to friends, relatives, politicians and the society at large to validate and direct our lives.

We hang on to the words of other people to sort out the mess in our lives. And sure enough, it never gets sorted out. Your mess never gets sorted out because you have no plan for your life and so you are busy filling in and fulfilling the plans made by others.

In Nigeria, we say, “Wetin you dey find for Sokoto dey inside your Shokoto”. What you seek out there, lies inside of you for your life’s fulfillment. You are the very diamond, gold, pearl and precious stone that you are searching for. Believe in God’s work in you! Believe in yourself! Stop leaving it to others and stop leaving your life to chance!

Action Step: Take 5 minutes today to think about the good and unique things you desire to achieve in life. Write them down. (Remember to dream big, because you can achieve it!)

(To be continued on Part 2)

Linda Ellah
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