Open Your Hands and See Something

Open Your Hands and See Something – Creating your Future Today
Do you know that you have the ability to begin creating today the future you want? Are you aware that the tomorrow of your dreams lies in your hand today?

If you do not know this, now is the time to begin thinking about this reality.

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First, begin with the future and then work it backwards. You may have seen American movies that are acted in this way. Someone sees into the future, and then begins to create it in the present. This is what we want to look at here.

So, what is that dream you have always had about how you want your life to be like, to look like? Do you want to be rich, to become a millionaire or a billionaire?

Do you want to travel around the world, go to great places, visit beautiful sites around the world and have a taste of God’s awesome creations and landscapes? Do you dream to create beautiful memories with your family in different places?

Do you want to be running a successful business that is impacting your country and the world? Do you want to be adding much value to your community, society, nation and world at large?

Would you want to be a mentor to the young and an inspiration to younger generations for their betterment?

Now, write down as vividly as possible, what your future dreams are and the things you would like to achieve then. Also write down the kind of person you would love to become in the process of working towards your dream.

Are there good qualities in you which you would like to continue and improve? Are there unhealthy behaviours and habits which you would like to drop off as you proceed through life? State these down too.

Second, have a look at what you are doing today. Do your activities and engagements look like steps that will take you towards this future you desire? Be honest to yourself.

In reality, your future begins to take shape today. It takes shape beginning from what you are doing right now, what you do when you wake up, till the moment you go to bed.

There is nothing like leaving things to chance, or leaving things to God. You can be sure that God on his part is very faithful. He keeps his part of the bargain.

God sends his graces, favours, blessings, trials to test your resolve and his provision is sure.

Everything else lies in your hand. The power to shape your future is very much in your hand and very much within your reach.

Today, you can begin to shape that future. Listen to your inner promptings and do not be afraid to follow the one mission you have in life.

So, Step Out, Step Up and Go for it!
Start doing something today!
Time waits for no one!

Linda Ellah
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