“Cross Riverians Ready for Carnival”, says Ken Aklah

“Cross Riverians are Ready for Carnival Calabar”, says Ken Aklah
Mr Ken Aklah, Special Adviser to the Cross River State Governor on Events Management, has stated that Cross Riverians are ready for Carnival Calabar 2017, judging from what he witnessed at the Carnival’s Dry Run, held last Sunday.

He stated this today, during an exclusive chat with LinCornellah’s blog. He said: “I am satisfied with what I saw. In  terms of preparedness, in terms of willingness, in terms of the desire and excitement that we expect, we have achieved that in the last dry run.”

“The crowd that came out for it was super. When I was going round and I saw the crowd, I started asking myself if that was the main carnival. To a large extent, the dry run was successful. I think that this shows the readiness of Cross Riverians to have a grand carnival.”


Mr Ken Aklah, Special Adviser to the Cross River State Governor on Events Management.

However, Mr Aklah identified shortcomings in the float of carnival bands and promised that such shortcomings would not recur on Thursday, December 28, 2017, when Carnival Calabar would take place.

In this vein, he stated that: “We also need to close up on a lot of things to be able to give it a better look on the day of the carnival itself. We still identified gaps in-between bands, during the last dry run. This is not good enough.”

“Our idea is that each of the bands should have a meeting point around, so that it becomes a complete float. We should be able to achieve that all-round procession, devoid of dull moments”

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t achieve that in the last dry run. So we are planning to introduce what we call ‘non competing bands’ in-between the competing bands.”

“Hopefully, this would fill the gaps and give us a complete float. In addition, we are going to put comedians and musicians in all adjudication points to thrill the crowd given that there is some lull between the first band and the next one.”

In addition, Mr Aklah said that the state government is collaborating smoothly with MultiChoice, parent company of DSTV, to ensure that all “t(s) are crossed and i(s) are dotted”, in terms of the carnival’s spectacle.

He enjoined all Cross Riverians and residents of the state to participate in events lined up for this festive season, “so that we would have a worthy celebration of Christmas and further justify the state’s rating as a tourist haven”.

The Special Adviser on Events Management assured visitors to Calabar that the city is secure, adding that although there were incidents of violent clashes by cult groups in some parts of the state capital, such incidents have been nipped in the bud by security agencies.

He submitted that: “We are known for our warmth and hospitality. We are known for our cleanliness…. As our guests and visitors come in, they would savor what we have to offer and feel encouraged to invest in our state, for the good of our economy”.

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