“I Have Sacked So Many People” – FRSC Corp Marshall

“I Have Sacked So Many People” – FRSC Corp Marshall
Mr. Boboye Oyeyemi, Corp Marshall of Federal Road Safety Corp, FRSC, has disclosed that he has “sacked so many people” because he has zero tolerance for indiscipline and corrupt practices. He disclosed this today, when he featured as guest of “Sunrise Daily”, on Channels Television station.


Mr. Boboye Oyeyemi, Corp Marshall of Federal Road Safety Corp, FRSC.

The Corp Marshall said that although personnel of FRSC are properly trained, some of them have not been exemplary in conduct. He said: “…By the end of the year, I would have published how many people I have sacked. I don’t take nonsense when it comes to discipline. All of them know. Unless I am not aware of that report.

“Okay, let me tell you the truth, there are bad eggs…. When I was addressing NUJ Oyo State two weeks ago, that week I sacked 25 people.”

He cited a recent incident where two women fought with personnel of FRSC on a major highway in Taraba State, as an example of indiscipline that cannot be tolerated. That incident was recorded on video and circulated widely in the social media. Mr Oyeyemi narrated it thus:

“Let me make a true confession. It involves a staff. It was between Jalingo (capital of Taraba State) and Yola (capital of Adamawa State). The lady and the mother. Unfortunately, the lady was a staff. She refused to identify herself. She was cocky and she started beating the patrol team. I will take full disciplinary action against her which the zonal commander has done last week. And I will review the case and I will punish her severely.

“A staff of road safety in mufti beating a patrol team? The patrol team had to protect themselves. What she did was that it was only her own side of the video where there was fisticuffs with the patrol team that she uploaded. Where she was beating, slapping, beating the patrol team, because she is a senior officer, she did not release that one. But I would punish her severely to serve as deterrent.”

Mr Oyeyemi said that he has no excuse to fail as Corp Marshall, especially because government has funded the FRSC this year, “more than before”. He assured the public that the Federal Road Safety Corp would deploy adequate personnel, vehicles and ambulances on the roads, to ensure safety and free flow of traffic during this festive season.

He added that the FRSC has provided trained drivers “to assist families that want to travel and the husband does not have that skill (driving skill).” According to him, such offer of assistance is for a fee payable to FRSC account, to cover insurance and cater for the driver’s allowances.

The Corp Marshall also enjoined vehicle drivers and passengers to dial 122 for prompt assistance, whenever there are breakdowns on the roads. He submitted that: “What we need at this time is not booking…. It is to ensure free flow of traffic. Let people be moving. If there is obstruction, there should be prompt removal. We move on. Right to life on the highway is not negotiable”.

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