Twitter User says Okorocha is Donald Trump of Nigeria

-Twitter User says Rochas Okorocha is Donald Trump of Nigeria –
Great Gracio, a twitter user, has likened Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, Nigeria, to Donald Trump, President of the United States of America (USA). He posted this comparison on his twitter account (@GreatGracious).

His tweet states: “I think Rochas Okorocha is now becoming the Donald Trump of Nigeria, cus he’s always making the news for annoying reasons. So he as the Imo Governor, appointed his biological sister, Ogechi, as Commissioner for Happiness and Couples Fulfillment. Is this even needed?”

Obviously, that tweet arose from Governor Okorocha’s appointment of Ogechi Ololo, his sister, as Commissioner of a newly created Ministry of Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment. She was sworn into office three days ago, along with 27 other newly appointed Commissioners. Initial reports named the newly created Ministry as “Ministry of Happiness and Couples Fulfillment”.


Mrs Ogechi Ololo, Commissioner of Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment in Imo State.

The government of Imo State later announced that “Purpose Fulfillment” was erroneously labelled as “Couples Fulfillment”. However, the correction has not diminished sarcastic comments and criticisms of that portfolio, especially on new media platforms.

For instance, Reno Omokiri, former aide on electronic media to ex President Goodluck Jonathan, has enjoined “Unhappy Nigerians” not to worry, as Rochas Okorocha may wipe away their sorrows if he realises his ambition of becoming Nigeria’s next President. His tweet on his handle (@renoomokri) states:

“To every unhappy Nigerian, don’t worry. Happiness beckons as Rochas Okorocha has announced that he will contest for President whenever President Buhari’s tenure of unhappiness ends”.

Also on twitter, Oke Umwhowho (@Stalyf) states: “From reducing working days to 3 to erecting a billboard of him shaking Obama to using 800m to build a Christmas tree, to the escapade of arranging birthday cakes from all LGAs in Imo State to erecting statues & now appointing Commissioner of Happiness. Rochas Okorocha is special”.

In a bid to hold Governor Okorocha accountable for some of his “special” actions, #RochasHowMuch is currently trending on twitter. The Governor reportedly promised to disclose how much he spent in erecting statues in Imo State, if anyone seeks to know this.

Therefore, in one of such trending tweets, Jayfrost (@NnaemekaUgboj1) stated: “#RochasHowMuch have these statues cost us Imolites o! We want to know. It’ll make us very HAPPY and FULFILLED”.

On his part, Stephen Chinomso (@StevenCOfficial) tweeted: “#RochasHowMuch is in your head?” There are many of such derisive tweets.

Meanwhile, a twitter account bearing the name of Ogechi Ololo as Commissioner of Happiness, suggests that this Commissioner may be deviating from her mandate of spreading happiness. In reaction to people who perceive her Ministry as unnecessary, she stated in that account (@MrsOgechiOlolo):

“I am truly surprised by the outbursts of young Nigerians on his Excellency, Dr Rochas Okorocha. If you don’t understand something, keep QUITE, read and research. Make good use of your senses”.

“Let me educate Nigerians on this; for those LACKING IGNORANCE. The United Arab Emirates has Minister of Happiness and they are ahead of us”.

Thus, a twitter user, Bosun v 2.0 (@TheRealBosun) posted this: “How can you be commissioner for Happiness when your English makes me sad”.

Here is the response on the twitter account that bears the Commissioner’s name (@MrsOgechiOlolo): “It is your father, I mean the real one, that need help form the clutches of your witchcraft mother. It but ya fault you where use for sacrifice and now your brain is not coconut water. Soon you go be the next Bobrisky. Ewu Ofia”.

At the time of posting this report, LinCornellah blog was unable to verify the ownership of that twitter account that is replete with uncouth words and misspellings.

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