Woman, You Can Do This – Give Your Life Direction!

-Woman, You Can Do This – Give Your Life Direction! –
A woman should not be satisfied with just being a wife and a mother. These are by themselves already great gifts and are achievements. However, as a woman, you have a lot more to offer to the society and to the world. The piece below gives the woman a look at how a woman can carry on the different areas of her life in a harmonious way, as smaller objectives towards an overall life goal.

A goal is a result you desire. It is a possible outcome that a person foresees, plans and commits to achieve. Do you have a defined goal? Do you know why you need to have a defined goal?

If your goal is not specific and defined, other demands will disperse your attention. Some of these demands may even look promising and rewarding. However, if you do not keep your focus, your attention and energy will be dispersed unproductively.

If you plan to go to Sokoto, then focus on what would lead you to get to Sokoto. Let the distance not deter you. Of course, there would be other promising cities calling your attention. But the defined goal and destination should be your focus.

Our interest here is to see how women in particular can carry along the different areas of their lives without any part suffering; be it Family, Career, business, personal, or professional life.

The central issue is that YOU are at the heart of the matter.

As mothers, we tend to sacrifice ourselves for everyone else in the family. We are preoccupied with meeting family needs and we sometimes forget ourselves. We forget that we are individuals who also need to develop our potentials.

When you develop yourself towards your goals, it makes a huge impact on your family. “Train a woman, train a nation.” This is because achieving your goal have far reaching effects on your family and for your nation.

When your children begin achieving, you will not resent them because you too would have achieved much with your life.

The essence of your goal is to help you: define what you want, focus on it and challenge you to grow. So, what do you want out of life? What do you want to focus on? How would you consistently keep growing?

These are the questions you need to respond to in order to give perspective to all other areas in your life: personal growth, family, business, career, profession. All these areas of your life are put within the perspective of your goal.


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Set smaller goals in the different areas. All of which should converge towards achieving your bigger/overall goal. Your goal helps to give a definite direction to your life.

As a woman, you are not just a mother; you are not just wife; you are not there just to be a housewife. You are also an individual who has a mission to accomplish in life. Your goal helps you define that mission.

You need to be able to find yourself. Your goal will help you do this.

My goal is: To help women find themselves, explore their potential, and keep adding value to themselves. To me, this translates to smaller objectives like finding/discovering myself, exploring my passion and potentials, and growing so that I can in turn add value to others.

As women, it’s often a struggle to keep balance among our personal drives, family, work and business. However, knowing in what direction you want to go, will help you make the necessary choices.

“Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life”, says Jerzy Gregorek

Tim Ferriss adds, “The hard choices; what we fear doing, asking, saying, are very often where we need to go”.

As mothers/women, there are times when it is important to define your fears. Become aware of those things you fear that prevent you from taking actions towards your goal.

“The big challenges we face will never be solved with easy, comfortable conversations, whether it’s in your own head or with other people. …Ask yourself where in your life right now might defining your fears be more important than defining your goals” – Tim Ferriss

What are the things you fear as regards: your business, your career, your children, family, husband, relatives? I must tell you that I am beginning to take these steps head on. Some choices are hard, but I am making them.

So, set your goal and take the necessary steps towards it. If you have not set a goal, please do so.

Remember: Whatever you focus on is what works for you!

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